Friday, April 28, 2006


It’s official, summer is on it’s way, and lately I find myself noticing the countless signs pointing to the approaching season:

1. Yesterday I got my first mystic tan of the season, so I am looking pretty darn orange here at work. I guess I’m not as good at blending into the crusty beige walls as I used to be (I suppose that’s what happens when you actually start socializing with your coworkers), because while last year no one in the office made a mention of my sudden tan-ness when I came into work the day after a session with the spray-tan booth, today I can’t seem to get people to shut up about it. Thankfully, it has all been good attention, and I’ve been praised by many for not succumbing to the allure of the early death and leathery skin causing tanning bed. I’ll be “thankful when I’m older” they all say, and I will have beautiful cancer-free skin to show off in the nursing home. To that I say, bitch it god damn better pay off, because if I have to suffer through weird brown patches on my dry elbows and knees and noticeable white lines on my hands and fingers where I was obviously not careful enough with the “barrier cream”, then I better have god damn gorgeous porcelain skin when I’m 50. For those of you contemplating trying Mystic Tan, I am totally exaggerating (because that is what I do, I exaggerate) and would 100% recommend it. Just be sure to exfoliate and moisturize REALLY well before you go. The first time is always tricky, and yesterday was like the first time for me because I had totally forgotten how important all that prep stuff is when I half-heartedly ran the louffa and Dove exfoliating body wash over my body in the shower, and then forgot to put lotion on anything but my legs. Whatever. I still feel thinner and more attractive with my patchy tan skin.

2. Dan had his first softball game of the season last night. It was a gorgeous perfect night, and the dog was so good and so happy to be at the field. Makes me really look forward to a summer of balmy nights at the softball field, gossiping with the ladies, occasionally cheering on my husband, throwing the tennis ball around for Bella, and just generally enjoying the beautiful Minnesota weather. I can’t wait. It was nice to get a little taste of it last night.

3. I’m eating salads again. I’m no longer craving the heavy starches and steamy creamy soups like I did for the last five months. I’m still hardly doing any actually cooking at home, but when I find myself eating out for the 56th time in one week, I find myself getting my 56th salad for the week. Definitely not a bad thing.

4. On a similar note to the salad thing, I have been forgoing the huge glasses of delicious red wine for margarita after margarita after margarita. I simply can’t get enough of the margs (as Betsy so hilariously refers to them). Furthermore, I suddenly have no problem being the only one in my party to order a drink whenever we go out, I have no idea where that came from but it has to have something to do with the weather getting warmer. Right?

5. The upcoming weekends are slowly filling up… a road trip to Chicago, weekends at the cabin, a trip to Lake Geneva for the Music by the Lake festival. I know it’s that time of the year again when we’re trying to set up a weekend in July for a trip to a friend’s cabin up north and the only one we can all agree on is the last one.

6. Two words. Iced Coffees. Mmmmmmm…

7. The parking lot at work is virtually empty on Fridays by 2:00 in the afternoon. You won’t hear me complaining! In fact, I don’t know what I’m still doing here right now, I need to be heading off to happy hour anyways for my boss’s send-off. See, I really do stand by my promises, I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t promised an actual blog entry today.

With that, I must go, before I head over to the bar I need to make a quick stop at target for a better exfoliating sponge and some pressed powder to tone down the orangeness a bit. Have a good one!

Quick note

I really need to get back into blogging. This sucks. I promise to try to write today. Not that anyone’s reading this.

To tide you over until then (my dear sweet nonexistent readers), I will leave you with this picture from our belly dancing performance for The Guild of Oriental Dance this last Sunday. That's me in the back on the right (note the large distinguishing ears), and the super tiny and tan cute brunette in the front and center is Betsy.