Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Years


Well here we are.

10 years ago, my goodness we were just babies weren't we?  I was so moony-eyed over you, I loved being around you.  No one gave better hugs, no one smelled better, no one ever said such sweet things to me.  Oh and you were such a good guy.  A great guy.  Anyone who knew you would say that.  You were kind and sweet, and quiet and reserved at first, but outrageously sarcastic and funny once out of your shell.  And you loved me, of all people.  You used to tease me so much, and I think you know that I both hated it and loved it.  I saw it in your eyes, how much you loved teasing me... because they twinkled.  Yeah, I'm serious.  Twinkled.  That twinkle, the quiet amusement and adoration it reveals, I know it well, and I still cherish it today.

I didn't know yet 10 years ago who you would become.  I probably could have guessed, but I didn't know, because I was 22 and naive and I didn't quite understand what it really meant.  You were a good guy then.  Today, you're a good man.  You are so many things.  You're loyal, sensitive, authentic, devoted, hard-working, gentle, knowing, vulnerable, intelligent, understanding, brave, faithful, and strong.  Not to mention, you're a patient and playful and dedicated father to these two boys we created together.


There is no one on this planet that knows me better than you do.  That's another thing I don't think I stopped to think about as a young pup, embarking on this whole marriage thing.  I was much too worried about the fact that I wanted pink tulips, not the purple ones our florist mistakenly ordered, for the table arrangements at the reception.  At 22 you think you know everything.  But I'm not sure I really realized how vulnerable we were being, by letting each other in so deep, by deciding to become us, by choosing us over me and you.  Because now, who even am I without you? 

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Home is you.  You're my home.  My one constant in this ever-evolving life we've chosen together.  My partner, my confidant, my voice of reason.

My best friend.

Happy Anniversary babe.