Wednesday, May 31, 2006

There really is no sensical title for this post

Seriously, I am such a punk. I haven’t blogged in almost a month… again. In my defense, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks at work, and at home, well… it was May sweeps, and that means lots of really good TV and laying around on the couch eating frozen berries. So now that Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, What About Brian (I know, that one's embarassing), 24, America’s Next Top Model, Lost, The Office, The OC, and Without a Trace are over for the season, I can start getting back into the land of the living, and start interacting with people in the three-dimensional world. Actually, I’m sort of lying, and I don’t know why! Who lies to their blog? In truth, my DVR is still packed with crap I haven’t watched yet, including the season finale of The OC (I know Marissa dies, I just haven’t gotten around to joyfully watching that episode yet), the season finale of 24 (and avoiding spoilers online has been so painfully difficult), and like the last six episodes of Without a Trace. But the fact that I have all that stellar TV to still watch furthur accentuates my point that I have been a busy girl.

Before I go on though, holy crap was that some good TV! Betsy got me hooked on America’s Next Top Model and I will forever be greatful for her wisdom, because that shit is like crack. I was so glad Danielle won, makes the fact that Biyatch Tyra made her close her signature gap (even though she’s constantly waxing poetic about models who have their own look and individuality) sort of worth it. Oh, and isn’t Twiggy just the sweetest little thing? I heart Twiggy. Jim’s declaration of Love to Pam and their kiss on The Office was such a pleasant heart-pounding surprise, though I was terrified for a second there that he was going to hook up with the rejected Jan. Lost was a whole two hours of going, “Holy crap!” And finally, Grey’s Anatomy is without a doubt my favorite show of all time. I am totally rooting for Addison to get some next year, because I love her and it is quite obvious that her and Derek should not be together. I say she should go for vet-boy Chris O’Donnell, because we all know that boy is going to be experiencing some major heartbreak in the near future. Poor scruffy hunky vetrinarian.

I’m listening to the radio here at work and they’re talking to the authors of The Nanny Diaries and I am so ridiculously excited for the movie to come out next year. Scarlett Johanssen is the perfect Nan, even though I heard they actually gave her a real name in the movie, and completely changed the ending, and added a best friend character played by Alicia Keys. Whatever, it still sounds awesome, Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti as Mr. and Mrs. X! Cool. Yea, I’m totally like transcribing the radio interview here, I’ll stop.

Should we talk about something other than TV and movies? How about my running schedule? It’s actually going pretty well, although so far this week I haven’t worked out at all, but I blame that on the long exhausting Memorial Day weekend at the cabin with my in-laws. As a whole, it’s turned into about every other day that I get up at 5:00 AM and run on the treadmill. I had hoped to do it every day, but I have very little will-power. Last week was a good week, I ran Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning before work and then Dan and I went for a run Saturday morning at the cabin (which totally kicked my ass because I am not used to running outside, let alone in 80 degree heat). I must give props where they are deserved, however, because on Wednesday I was so close to not getting up until Dan sleepily whispered, “I am disappointed in you.” It is exactly what I needed and he knew it. What an awesome husband I have, the best workout buddy ever. When I think back to working out in college, I can’t help but laugh, because I remember Betsy being able to plant the tiniest seed in my head, like, for example, “Maybe instead of going to kickboxing class we could stay home and watch TV and order Little Caesars”. At that point, all hope of getting out of the house was completely lost. How did we ever justify substituting a pizza for a workout? [Hee!] College Alicia and Betsy were funny. Anyway, I have actually noticed a tiny difference in the way my pants fit since I started up running again, but it hasn’t been very drastic. I think what I really need to do is give up going to Zantigo with the ladies at work twice a week. I know, it’s terrible, but have you ever had Zantigo? The chilitos are so ridiculously scrumptious, I just can’t say no to them. But I need to. Must. Say. No. [Note to self: also must say no to Starbucks iced vanilla non-fat lattes and low-fat bran muffins, having low-fat or nonfat in the name does not a healthy breakfast make.]

I had the best sex of my life last night. Haha, told you Dad, read my blog at your own risk. ;)

Yuck, I just grossed myself out by having “Dad” and “sex” in consecutive sentences. I think that should be it for today.

Sorry Dad, I’ve been tempted to do that for some time now, and I guess I’m just feeling spunky enough to do it today.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More tales of the treadmill...

At the risk of jinxing myself by talking about this, I have decided on a new workout schedule. It’s going to be hard to get used to, but I think if I can stick with it for a couple weeks, it will become a habit.

Lately, I have been having so much trouble staying motivated to run after work. At the start of my day, I fully plan on working out when I get home, I find myself actually excited about it. As I sit at my desk playing with spreadsheets and punching numbers into my calculator, I can literally feel my ass getting wider and flatter, and I look forward to a good run at the end of the day to counter some of the widening and flattening. But that's all forgotten by early evening when I walk through my back door. Seriously, I am the queen of excuses, and I hate myself for it. The fact that summer is rapidly approaching only adds to my list of excuses because I actually have a life in the summer. After nearly three weeks of, “I just have too much of a headache from the terrible traffic, I’m not going to run today,” and, “Yea, I’ll skip my work-out today so we can go out to dinner with my parents,” and lots of, “It was such a long day and I’m just too tired and hungry to get on the treadmill, " I've decided I need to take a different course of action.

I’ve decided that my only real option is to drag my ass out of bed 45 minutes earlier than usual and jump on the treadmill before getting ready for work, because bitch, I want to look hot in my tank tops and short skirts this summer! (Let’s not even mention the whole swimsuit issue, because yes, it is certainly an issue.) I meant to start this whole work out plan at the beginning of the week (Monday morning), but I’ll admit that didn’t happen. Thank God I have such a prick of a husband who has no faith in my discipline whatsoever because his snide comments about my failed attempt the day before were swimming around in my head this morning at 4:53 AM as I lay in bed anticipating the screech of the alarm clock radio. Those thoughts provided me with that extra little kick in the butt to get up and do it… “I’ll show him!” I muttered to myself as I stumbled around in the dark, frantically rummaging through my dresser drawers in search of my favorite sports bra.

I am soooo not a morning person.

Anyway, so I did it, and the first step out of bed was, of course, the worst part. The run felt incredible, and I got to watch Soledad O’Brien do her thing on the CNN morning news show while becoming an actual informed citizen of the United States - - I can’t even recall the last time I watched a national news program, unless Regis and Kelly on my Fridays off counts, which I don’t think it does. ;) I’m going to do my best to keep it up. Even on days when I don’t feel up for running, I’ll get up at 5:00 and walk instead. I can do this, right? Hell yea I can!

Now please don’t let this be part of that whole blog curse where you write about a big lifestyle change or vow to do something and it totally falls to crap immediately.