Friday, April 29, 2005

You put the lime in the coke, you nut...

... and drink it all up. I love that commercial so much, I actually turn up the tv when it comes on. Dan, on the other hand, hates it. And let me tell you, singing it over and over and over again, hours after I last saw the commercial, does not a happy husband make. So... it’s been a while, I know, but there hasn’t been all that much going on since the last time I wrote. So you will hence be treated to some more of my ramblings on this glorious Friday.

Our belly dancing class is almost over, and I’ve gotten way more into it because we’re learning an actual choreographed routine! While I haven’t actually gotten into it enough to practice on my own time (I’m such a lazy bum), I have so much fun when we’re there. My two friends and I still participate in frequent snark sessions where we discuss and try to understand how some of these girls/women became the obnoxious and fashion felony-prone individuals they are today. Betsy and I have decided to take level I over again, so that we can fine-tune our skills, and when it comes time for level II, we will hopefully feel completely comfortable and confident with our belly dancing abilities! I can’t help but admit, however, that there is another advantage to taking level I again. While we could very likely just be welcoming a whole new batch of really obnoxious ladies coming from the “intro” class, we will at least be free of the ones we have had to deal with for the past 8 weeks or so. Because yes, these ladies all think they’re the shit, and they undoubtedly will be moving on without us to the next level. Best wishes loud-mall-bangs lady and hip scarf-that-looks-like-a-diaper girl. I wish you much luck in all your future endevours camel-toe-in-the-front-row.

I’m so mean, but I seriously just cannot help it. Did I ever tell you about when this one girl asked my friend Liz and I on the way out of class one night what school we went to and what grade we were in? I was so flustered, I think I spit out something like, “Uh... actually we’re grown-ups. She’s a TEACHER at the junior high and I um, work, …like at an office.” Too funny. In case you’re wondering she was a senior in high school.

So as the summer is rapidly approaching, (and my trip to Florida for the bachelorette party is NEXT WEEKEND!!!), I’ve been thinking about my tanning options. This coincides with my annual visit to the doctor this past Monday, at which she pointed out the numerous “abnormal” moles on my back and berated me for even thinking about hitting the tanning booth. So I’m really torn. I have no problem with the idea of self-tanners and mystic tanning booths, but I am deathly afraid of them. What if it streaks? What if it gets all over my clothes? If I go the mystic tan route, am I going to be orange and smelly the rest of the day? I also read on a website that they suggest refraining from exercising because sweating can cause streaking and the tan wearing off quicker. Well that seems just utterly ridiculous, the whole point of being tan for me is that I look slimmer, but I will definitely not look slimmer if I stop working out! I don’t know, I’m totally ignorant about the subject, and a little too afraid to even try it. Oh, and that’s another thing, so I go do the mystic tan, and the next day go to work, how do I deal with the obvious fact that I instantly developed the skin tone of a polonesian sun goddess over night? I cannot think of something more humiliating than being questioned about it by the men I work with. (Well, that’s obviously not really true, because there are a whole lot of humiliating things that could happen, but I’m trying to get my point across here.)

I guess I better be off, I should try and get some work done, but considering the fact that it’s almost Friday afternoon, that isn’t likely. I just want to go home soooooo bad! Alright, enough whining. Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Boring randomness

So I decided I couldn’t ignore this site any longer. It’s been nagging at me, calling me lazy, and making me feel bad for the past few weeks, but until now, I’ve been able to ignore it. However, I’ve started to miss it, and I need to write about something, anything, so that I can get back into the groove. Prepare for boring randomness.

Our puppy is doing wonderfully, she’s “this” close to being potty trained, but still has the occasional stinky accident. She’s of course had to throw at us new dog owners everything there is to learn in just the few short months we’ve had her. Lice? Why, of course she has it! And worms? Yup, give her these pills and make sure she doesn’t eat her poop and re-infect herself (gross). The poor thing, she’s a trooper though, and has taken her medicine like the good little girl she is (well, it might have helped that we covered it in strawberry jelly). Also I’ve been able to take her on a few walks, and I think she’s finally getting used to being on a leash; we’re having such beautiful weather, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. I’m so happy that springtime is here, although with it comes the fear of the inevitable… bathing suit season. Blech. My white pasty skin and winter-fed tummy are not quite ready for that hell.

I noticed recently that in the two pictures I have on my desk of my husband and me, he is wearing the exact same thing. Same grey polo, same Twins hat, even the jeans are the same. That’s hilarious, I can’t believe I never noticed that before. I am obviously incredibly vain, because when I picked out these pictures to display to all of my co-workers, I looked solely at my outfit, my hair, and how thin I looked. What a thoughtful wife I am.

I went out this weekend and had a total of THREE whole drinks, and yes, I was intoxicated. That is so sad, I can’t believe what a lightweight I’ve become. I think that’s what happens when you get married. Well I guess I could look at it as a good thing, saves me money on drinks if I can just nurse a couple all night long and still maintain a good buzz. But it still makes me a little sad, sorta signals the end of an era, (you know, like when Rachel moves out of Monica’s apartment, TOTALLY the end of an era). I’m no longer a crazy college party girl anymore. =(

It’s so close to the weekend I can taste it. This week has not been a great one, I am so exhausted all the time, I haven’t worked out at all, and I have no energy to do anything. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I really need to step it up. I’m feeling sort of lonely here at work these days, because my co-worker friend Chris moved to the other building, about 5 miles away, and he was like my only link to lunches out and gossiping by the water cooler (we don’t actually have a water cooler, but you know what I mean). So now I get forgotten about here in my sad little cube, away from the rest of the finance group (because our building is set up crappy and there’s no room for me over there). I don’t get invited to go out to lunch, I don’t even get told when someone brings in doughnuts or bagels! It sucks. Well, I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself and get some work done. I probably won’t write again tomorrow, unless the O.C. is so incredibly amazing that I have to talk about it! So have a great weekend, and I’ll try to be back next Monday with something interesting to say.