Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Iced Coffee Shout-Out

I’ve read so much about the wonder that is an iced coffee from so many of my lovely blog-world friends, so when I stopped at Starbucks this morning, I switched it up by getting my non-fat vanilla latte iced. All I can say is, Oh. My. God. That has got to be THE tastiest way to drink coffee in this summer heat, from now on, it is the only way. It was delish. I only wish I had gotten a “venti” instead of that tiny “tall”, but I didn't want to go all out in case I didn't like it. Thanks girls for the inspiration, I will be forever grateful!

My current obsession:

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Picture time!

On this beautiful 4th of July weekend, my very good friend Kate married her fiance Logan, and I was so honored to be asked to stand up for her in the ceremony. The bride was gorgeous, the ceremony was romantic and touching, and the party was a blast. Liz ended up being our official photographer of the weekend, so I’d like to share with you my account of the 2 day event using her pictures.

Here are Kate and Logan on Friday night at the rehearsal dinner barbeque held in her parent’s back yard. It was a very nice evening, however I could have done without the viscious attack from thousands of hungry mosquitos on my obviously juicy and blood-filled legs.

Logan & Kate

The three of us college bridesmaids (Betsy, Liz, and I) were, as ususal, a bit anti-social and cliquish at the rehearsal dinner, so we enjoyed our dinner at the table in the corner with our respective men, and successfully avoided making small talk with relatives of Kate’s that we didn’t know.

Here’s Liz and Corey, looking very happy-couple-ish, minus the glob of ice cream Corey is working on keeping in his mouth whilst smiling.

Corey & Liz

Betsy with Andy, both, as usual, looking gorgeous.

Betsy & Andy

And of course, there’s Dan and me. For some reason the pictures of us that night all turned out all dark and strange. I guess we’re just mysterious like that.

Alicia & Dan

The evil boys…

The Guys

…actually stole and devoured the poor bride’s cake when she had the audacity to leave it unattended at our table for five minutes.

Eating Kate's cake

The next morning, we did what we do best, we primped and took pictures. Here is a shot of me doing just that.

Alicia w/ Hairspray

It’s always tricky to apply deoderant in a formal dress.

Alicia w/ Deoderant

Betsy + Mirror = BFF ;)

Betsy and Mirror

Betsy and I with Kate’s two sisters Alissa and Kelly.


The beautiful bride, Kate, all dressed up with no where to go.

Bride on stool

Isn’t she pretty?

Bride w/ shoes

We rode in style to the reception, in a monster Hummer Limo.

Bridal Party in Hummer

Betsy and Liz ended up in the very back of the limo in their own little area, perfect for snuggling and hamming for pictures, but not perfect for socializing with the rest of the party.

Betsy in Hummer

Liz in Hummer

Andy and Heidi, back from Utah. It was so great to see old college friends!

Andy and Heidi

The happy couple, partying it up.

The Happy Couple

Mandy, Angela, me, and Betsy. I’m looking pretty sweaty and gross at this point from all the dancing.

At the Reception

Scott and Amanda. I’ve been told Amanda was drunk all night, before dinner even started, so I guess she is drunk here. I totally couldn’t tell! (That is until she beligerently stormed off and spent the last 45 minutes of the party in the car.)

Scott & Amanda

My dear husband is seen here stacking, which came as no surprise to me, because Dan is a marathon stacker. He stacks clothes, he stacks bills, he stacks coins, he stacks garbage, he stacks old receipts, he stacks EVERYTHING. He’s tamed down the stacking since we’ve moved in together, but you should have seen his room in his old apartment during college. But ask him where something is, and he knows EXACTLY which pile to find it in.

Dan Stacking

I like to imagine Andy thinking here, “Wow, this whole wedding thing is pretty fun, I think maybe I’ll propose to Betsy next weekend so we can start planning our own!” In reality, he’s probably thinking, “Weddings suck, Bets and I are so eloping to St. Thomas.”

Andy Thinking

How on earth do you dance to Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock’s song “Picture”? We didn’t know either, but we definitely knew how to sing to it, and that is what we did. Of course, we needed microphones. While Betsy remained dignified and reserved, like any good bridesmaid should…

Betsy Singing

I, on the other hand, evidently got really into it.

Alicia Singing

Betsy says “No” to drugs. She also says “No” to paying for her drinks at a wedding, thus, the secret stash of Captain Morgan Private Stock.

Betsy's Secret Stash

I had to include this one because I have no idea what is going on, and I think it is hilarious. Is it me, or does Kate (the bride) look really constipated? It’s also hard to miss the severe pointy boobs I’m sporting.


As tradition goes, we must always do a robot picture at every special event where we are all together.


Our other tradition… the “Hey!!” picture. This first one is CLASSIC, I think my favorite picture ever taken. Corey really caught a good action shot of us going into the “Hey!!” I can’t stop laughing when I look at it, those are some of the most ridiculous facial expressions I’ve ever seen.


And here’s the toned down final “Hey!!” pic.


At the end of the night we snuck in some final pictures with all of us and the guys. It was a fabulous evening (and weekend!) had by all.

Four Couples

Bob Barker told us to do it

Our little Bella is getting spayed today. =(

I had to drop her off this morning at the vet on my way into work, and I had such a horrible gut-wrenchingly guilty feeling throughout the whole drive there. She was so excited and so happy to be going with me instead of going into her kennel, it absolutely broke my heart. She had no idea what she was in for, and I felt like such a fraud for making her so happy en route to her reproductive doom.

My friend Maryann is a Vet tech at the animal hospital we go to, so it was nice to see a familiar face when we got there, and to hand our sweet pup over to a trusted friend, but still, it didn’t make it easy. I couldn’t believe how ridiculous I was being, I almost started sobbing right there in the lobby as I said goodbye to her! I knew Maryann could tell, which was highly embarrassing, so I had to leave with my head down a little, cocked to the side, using my hair to hide my puffy eyes.

It’s really quite amazing that in just about 4 short months I have become so attached to an animal; I didn’t fully realize that the attachment was so strong until today. I can’t even imagine what it will be like when we someday have children, and I will have the responsibility of supporting and keeping alive a little tiny person.

I only wish there was another way to get rid of nasty dog menstruation and gross humping tendencies during heat without the whole surgery thing. God, I’m pretty sure I’m going to just break down all over again when I come home tonight to my poor Bella, all groggy and tired, trying to get comfortable with that stupid cone around her head.