Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yes its one of those generic blogs...

Things I am currently loving (i.e. obsessing over):

Owls. I do not know why, but owls seem to be strangely hip these days, I see all the funky fashion bloggers sporting them and I find them enchanting in a vintage mod kind of way. I absolutely must have these owl earrings and this owl tote. Um, and excuse me, but who doesn’t need delicate owl-shaped french soap? And I’m thinking about having a baby JUST so I can dress him in this delectable little outfit. Cuteness overload, I almost can’t take it.

Dried fruit. Weird, I know, but I can’t get enough of it. I’ve been buying (and thus eating) the stuff by the pound. I love the banana chips the most…and dried apricots…and who knew dried pineapple was so tasty?

Soft crumbly cheeses on salads. If there is anything that will get me to eat more salad, it is topping said salad with mounds of Gorgonzola, feta, or blue cheese. Said mounds of cheese are attributable to so many additional caloric units, but so much added deliciousness!

Lost. Proving this season, once again, to be the most consistently thrilling, entertaining hour of television, week after week. Last week’s episode blew my mind into thousands of tiny pieces. I love that that show can be an edge-of-your-seat time bending adventure one second, and a heart-wrenching love-conquers-all romance the next. Desmond and Penny are the new… I have no idea. Ross and Rachel? No, Desmond is super hot and Penny does not have her own signature haircut. McDreamy and Meredith? No, they’re not doctors… nor are they annoying and whiny. Penny does have daddy issues though, so…

Pointy-toed flats. This is nothing knew, I’ve been wearing them forever, but I just can’t say enough about how fantastic they are. I love that they add a punch of hot to any outfit, without any of the discomfort you get with heals.

Cher Horowitz could very well be Bob Saget’s kids’ mother! That would be awesome. CBS not renewing one of my favorite shows, however, would be devastating. This, on top of the writer’s strike, which horror of horrors pushed me to read books instead of watching TV! What are they trying to do to couch potatoes like myself?

And I think that’s about enough random for today.