Thursday, May 07, 2009

I hate bras

I am so exhausted, I just spent my lunch break trying on about 25 different bras for about an hour. By the time the hour was up, I was so frustrated, tired, and just spent by the whole ordeal, that I just HAD to get out of there. Not without spending more than $80 on stupid, huge, and ugly boob supporting contraptions though. Ugh. I have gone up an entire cup & band size. When I left the house this morning for work wearing a sports bra, I decided, enough is enough… I had to go shopping as soon as possible.

And now I really feel like I need a nap.

Oh and what is it with those HUGE cardboard tags the size of coffee mugs that they put on all bras at the store? How am I supposed to be able to put on a shirt and really see how well of a job the sucker is doing? Someone needs to do something about that please.

I hate bras. I hate boobs.

So without further ado, here is my 23 week belly picture. (Notice how my boobs are sagging pretty much down to where my waist would be if I wasn’t carrying this little munchkin? Blergh, clearly today’s shopping trip was overdue. You know that when you’re totally planning outfits around undergarments, you really need some new ones. At least now I can make full use of my closet again, and start wearing some of those shirts that looked so terrible with my stretched out, too small, crappy quality target bras.

Dad, if you read this, please don’t tell me about it. I’d prefer to pretend you didn’t just spend five minutes reading about your daughter’s boobs.


Betsy said...

Where did you buy your new bras from? I am in severe need of some new ones as well! My Target ones aren't cutting it anymore. I feel like my circulation is being cut off everytime I wear one.

I love how good you are about weekly pictures. I am so lazy with mine. Have you started a scrapbook yet?

AliRose said...

I bought them at Kohls actually! MASSIVE selection, and lots of really supportive "full figure" ones, which I now seem to be considered. =) Also, I wanted to get a few without underwire, because underwire have been driving me nuts lately. Also I heard pregnant ladies are supposed to sort of avoid them because they can cause pinched nerves and pain/cramping. But you really have to go good quality if you're doing non-underwire, otherwise you end up looking like a droopy old lady.

No scrapbook yet, but it's on my list. Have you started something yet? I feel like I've done nothing and this pregnancy is going by so fast. We should get together some day and scraft!