Friday, March 26, 2010

All I have time or energy for...

...are little tidbits, but I feel like writing. So here goes.

This morning I woke up at 8:00 AM (about an hour later than Gus usually lets me sleep) to my baby grabbing at my nose, grinning at me with dried milk all over his face from our sleepy night-nursings. Is there any better way to wake up? I live for mornings like those.

Dan and I procrastinated on doing our taxes, and now we can't find Gus's social security card ANYWHERE. I have absolutely no clue where we put it. Honestly though, can we be blamed for anything we did in those first few weeks with a newborn? It's all so hazy... I remember getting it in the mail, rejoicing over Gus's ability to now get a job and pay taxes, and then... like I said, hazy. Ugh. I'm not quite sure what to do.

Speaking of the little guy, he is driving me a bit crazy today. Fighting naps like it's his job. I got a very fussy baby down about 20 minutes ago, and now I can hear him on the monitor, cooing at the cieling, shrieking with delight at God know's what, and kicking the little hanging thing on the dream screen to make it light up and play music. Seriously, that's all you need child? 20 minutes? Yea, I don't think so.

Ok, the cooing has turned to crying. Gotta go. This is a sad excuse for a post, should I even hit publish?


Betsy said...

Ohhh Isla fought her naps in her early months...those days were rough! Hopefully it's a phase that will quickly pass. Have you been putting him down at the same time(s) every day? I found that to work for Isla...even if she isn't super sleepy, she still goes in her crib around 10 and around 3. She fought it for a while, but now she pretty much falls asleep within 5-10 minutes of being in her crib.

Do you have any file folders titled "important stuff" in your house?! That's where I found Isla's :) Hopefully that turns up...otherwise you should order a new one ASAP. I think they take 6 weeks?

I would love to wake up with a smiley baby snuggled next to me! I wake up to screams from the monitor. Not as fun.

AliRose said...

He doesn't always fight naps, but somedays, for some reason, are just not good. He usually goes down between 9-9:30, but the last week or so he pushed it up to 8:30-9. Today, we got up so late, and he didn't show signs of sleepiness until about 10:00. So I put him down, and then within 15 minutes he was pissed, and thus commenced insane fussiness. So I gave up for a while, we read some books and snuggled, and then I tried again, and he finally went down after being swaddled and bounced around his room for like 15 minutes. Exhausting.

It's hard to really get him on a routine, because he has such a crazy schedule, going to Annie's one day, my parents the next, and then Dan's parents. So trying to push a rigid schedule on him just doesn't work with our day care situation.

Oh well, it just means I have some good days, and some not so good. =)

Betsy said...

Ohhh yeah! I totally forgot about how hard it is to keep a schedule at daycare. Isla rarely even napped while she was in daycare. Does Gus ever kick the battery off of the dream screen?! Isla did it so often we had to put the dream screen on the floor because the THUD of the battery hitting the floor always scared both her and I.

AliRose said...

Lol, no that hasn't happened. But the dream screen kind of scares me now that he's moving around in there so much, the corners of it seem kind of hard, he could just so easily bang his little head on that thing.

Liz said...

Alicia, I feel your pain! Lincoln was the same way until after he turned one.

As for the dream screen, I felt the same way, so we lowered the crib mattress a little. He just wouldn't sleep without that thing!

Are you free any time next week? I'm on spring break!!