Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Awkward is...

Having to answer a random coworker man's question of what I'm "cooking up in that bag?", referring to the Medela steam clean bag that is at that moment doing its job of sanitizing my pump parts in the microwave. And then having to continue to stand there next to him for another minute in the horrible silence that followed my answer. Maybe I need to think of a better answer than the truth?

The office cleaning crew busting into my (locked) office to empty my garbage can at 4:15, at which time I am in the middle of my third and final pumping session of the day. My light is on. The radio is on. A "Do Not Disturb!" sign is posted on my door. Apparently, these are all invitations to unlock my door and barge in! I have since taken to putting my garbage can outside my door during that third session. And a few times I have taped a sign to the actual door knob that says "NURSING MOTHER, PUMPING IN PROGRESS". I'd prefer to be a little more discreet about it, but it's better than jumping out of my chair, crouching behind my desk, and screaming, "PLEASE DON'T COME IN HERE!" as I realize too late that, yes, they are in fact unlocking and opening MY door, holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!

Realizing after having a thirty minute conversation with my boss in my office that I forgot to tuck away the tubing and zip up my pump bag sitting on the corner of my desk .

Ahhhhhh. The joys of pumping at work. Loathe.


Mandy said...

Oh man my biggest fear is having to pump at work and you are not helping the stress!! We have private rooms that we can go use (they check out a key to nursing monthers so no one else can use the rooms) however I will still have to explain to my male co-workers were I go several times a day for that long with my mysterious black bag. I am guessing after they ask once they will avoid the topic all together. I didn't even thing about steaming clean the parts in the microwave - those are in our cafeteria of course where anyone can go!! Oh man the joys of pumping anywhere but in the privacy of your own home!!

AliRose said...

You kind of get into a groove, and it's not that bad, but yeah, pumping at work can definitely be the cause of some awkward moments!

At the other office I work in, where I am in a cube, there is a special mother's room with a key, and it's really quite nice actually! Sometimes I have to tear myself from the book I'm reading while I pump in there, and get back to work! Anyway, to avoid those questions of "where you going with your black bag?", I always just drop my bag off in the room when I get in in the morning, and leave it there until I leave at the end of the day! No one will ever really even see you with your bag! You're totally right though, once someone asks, they never say anything again. ;)

If you decide to breastfeed and pump at work buddy, I have LOTS of "been there, done that" advice, so let me know if you have any questions, when the time comes! I have pumped pretty much everywhere, in the car on many many occasions, other people's homes, different offices, and of course at work. I have jury duty this fall, and if I'm still pumping then, that should be interesting! ;)

Liz said...

At least the person that barged in wasn't a friend. My coworker unlocked my door and came in while I was pumping...he couldn't look me in the eye for a week ;)

Freckles said...

I'm just anticipating this. I have no idea when I'm going to pump as the person who is starting off the year for me is going to be creating my schedule (however, I'm going to try to be there when she does this so I can make sure that my prep time is spread out so I can pump at least a couple times a day). There is a tiny little room at the front of my school where we can nurse, so I'm going to have to trudge down there every time with my Medela bag (super excited to actually start using it in a few weeks) over my shoulder, and then go into the staff lounge to store my stuff. This will be very awkward, I'm guessing, but I will try not to stress too much. Will probably be seeking much advice from you about this :)

Angela said...

Yikes. But serioiusly--what more do you have to do--get a neon flashing sign that says "Go away!" People should take a hint!