Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The tree is up! Saturday after Thanksgiving we drove an hour north to our favorite little family-owned tree farm and cut down a beauty. And this year we didn't inadvertently pick out a massive monster of a tree that would completely take over our sweet little old house with its charmingly tiny rooms and little walk-ways. Yay!

This place is really everything you could ever ask for around the holidays. It is quintesential Minnesotan. A family who runs it that remember you year after year, homemade spritz cookies, popcorn, and apple cider to warm you up, a bin of toys in the corner of the cabin for the little ones to play with, and plenty of room for little pent-up city dogs to run. The absolute perfect place for Gus to have his first dose of "winter wonderland".

Gus went crazy for the sled, even cried if we would attempt to take him out. He took a face plant in the snow at one point, but didn't seem to mind.


He did plenty of exploring in his ridiculous outfit that is way too small for him and is made for big babies, not little toddlers. I bought that blue Columbia suit for him last year. Yeah, he's our little guy and we love him and his tiny-ness.



Look ma! No hands! (He refused to wear his mittens, so he lost the priviledge of having hands.)


Then he went on the swing with his cousin Megan (how cute are his little boots?). Not sure what to think at first, but then loved it. And again, cried when we tried to get him down.




He loved when Daddy would throw the leaves up for Bella to go crazy at. What an insane dog.



But yeah, tree is up, lights are on, and that's as far as we've gotten. And it's crooked and we can't seem to get it to not be crooked. Ughhhh. I think we may just have a crooked tree this year, because I can't handle any more putzing with it. So all my pictures of the tree may have to be angled like this, because it sort of disguises the bastardly crookedness.


Doesn't look crooked from the kitchen.


But yeah, crooked.


Baby sneak attack!



Mandy said...

Oh my gosh Alicia, that second solo picture of him on the swing is absoultely beautiful! I am thinking that should be your Christmas Card for sure! Love all the pics. I am very jealous that you guys go and get your own real tree, one of these years I really really want to do that - Frankie says real trees are too dangerous!

Erin said...

I love the pics! Rosy cheeks peeking out from hats are really just too cute to handle.

Perfect trees are super lame. I love your crooked tree. We always just go to a tree place less than a mile from our house, but I have to admit, I am tempted by all these stories of going to a farm to cut one down...

Mama in the City said...

I love the boy in the little blue snow suit! I'm squeezing my 2 year old into last years winter jacket and it's working! I also dig the authentic Christmas tree, us sad apartment dwellers are forced to only have a fake tree. No real trees allowed in condos or apartments :(

the grumbles said...

oh, the happy snow face! love!

we don't have one of those suit-y things and i'm thinking now that's a mistake. look how cute he looks in it!

Freckles said...

oh my goodness, loving all of the pictures! He is such an adorable little man. And he is not too small or too big. He is perfect, he is Gus. I also love that picture of Bella jumping at the leaves - dogs are crazy, and we love them for it! Great tree - it has character. What would be fun about a straight, perfect tree? Nothing. Go w/ the funky ones :)

Lisa said...

Oh my, that kid is too cute for words in that little snowsuit and hat, rosey cheeks and all. I can just imagine how much fun he must have had there! I hadn't realized that the place you went to was so adorable with cookies and cider and everything. That is an awesome tradition. I may have to start one of those.

I seriously almost spit out my soda when I read that Gus had lost the privilege of having hands! That picture is too funny.

I think your tree looks awesome. Haven't you heard that crooked is in? :) And I must say, that first picture of the tree, Gus looks SOO tall! Seriously, like a mini-man.

Betsy said...

I love that little snowsuit! I wish toddler snowsuits had those little hand flaps. Isla hates wearing mittens! Gus looked completely adorable in those pictures!!

val said...

Oh gosh, weird old houses with lots of rooms, crooked trees, cute babies... life is perfect. love, Val

Allie said...

So cute! These pictures are fantastic!