Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Gus is at Grandma's house today while Dan and I spend the day staring at spreadsheets (me) and going to countless meetings (him).  

Well, sometimes she sends us little updates.  I absolutely love them, love getting a little insight into his day, love to think about something other than sales forecasts and financial reports.   

This is today's update that she sent Dan, I hope my mother-in-law doesn't mind me sharing...
Gus is seeming to have a great day. He’s playing, happy, ate, adorable. THEN he pulled some little photo albums off the end table shelf and looked at pictures. One is a picture of you holding William when he was a baby, and it made Gus CRY. The lip, the crumple, and he came and got in my lap, weeping. I thought is he missing you? He’s so little, and he’s seemed perfectly happy! So we came in here to facebook, and he stared at the picture of you and Alicia and got all depressed again. I think we should go find a cooky and see what James is doing. Diversion time. Who knew??? Love, Mom
Oh my goodness, the sweetness.  I am verklempt. 

What a great kid.  Oh I love him so. 

A few pictures from this weekend...  It was lovely. 


It was so sunny out on Friday, and Gus was finally feeling better after so many weeks of being sick.  So we ventured outside to check out the neighborhood.  It was colder than I thought.  Unfortunately our little outing didn't last long. 


So we went inside, had a snack, and watched some Curious George.  And played peek-a-boo.  And had a tickle fight.  I hadn't seen Gus giggle and laugh like that in months.  So happy to have our boy back.


Dan bought him that hat when he was just a tiny little thing.  Came home from Target with it one random evening, proud papa, and we tried it on the little dude.  It was massive then, still a litle big now, but gosh I can't believe how much life has changed in a year.


Blurry, because they are having a blast!

Babies in jammies

Trekked out to Midtown Global Market for lunch on Saturday.  Super fun place for a toddler to explore.


Oh jeez.  Look at the way his hair wings out, I just can't get enough.  Never cutting it.


Family self-portrait.  Sorta.  (Yeah, that's Dan's blurry face up there.)

Gus and mama


Lisa said...

That is the sweetest update from grandma! What a kid, getting cuter and cuter by the minute.

Mandy said...

Love the Grandma Update... I used to get them on Monday's from my mom and they totally made my work day so much better! And I love his hair in that picture of him in the bowl in the kitchen, it looks like a hockey haircut (very styling) I wouldn't want to ever cut it either! He is just too cute, can't wait to see you guys soon!