Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We've been busy

But not really, busy, per se.  More like eating playdough. 

(Not me.) 

(Well maybe just a little, just to figure out why he's so obsessed with shoveling the stuff in.  Because he makes the most horrible "yuk" face, but then just goes to town on it again as soon as I fish it out of his mouth.  I still don't get it.) 


Playing in the backyard.


Going for long walks, drinking iced coffee. 


Running amok at the playground. 


Just life. 

For as crappy of a spring we've had here in Minnesota this year, we've been having a lot of fun.  Life with a toddler is pretty awesome. 

I'd like to get back here, hope to find time this week to write.


Mama in the City said...

Gus is so sweet in those photos! My boy has started to say, 'Mama! It's a little bit nice!' when it is drizzling out...because at least it isn't pelting rain drops. Spring has been crappy this year here in Vancouver. All of my outside pics have a gloomy background when they should have blue sky and cherry blossoms!

Lisa said...

Looks like Gus is keeping you all nice and busy! What a cutie patootie he is, eating playdough and running around the park. Such a cute little man he is already.

Lisa said...

I totally commented on this post the other day - did you delete it? Or am I crazy? :)

Alicia said...

You did leave a comment buddy, Blogger had a big technical snafu at the end of last week that deleted a bunch of people's posts. They later restored them, but my comments seem to be gone. :( Oh well.

Lisa said...

Ok good. I thought I was losing my mind when I happened to see 0 comments on your post. ;)

Mandy said...

Sounds like the perfect kind of 'busy' to me! He is growing up so fast Alicia and he might the cutest little blond I have ever seen. We need antoher playdate sometime soon!

Betsy said...

Fun Fun!! Do you like that sand/water table? I was debating getting a similar one...who knew there were so many options?! Your little man is getting so big!!! I love the outfit he is wearing at the park. So stylin! I need to get Sawyer some clothes like that!!! :)

val said...

Oh, that parade last night was so cold, and look what a beautiful day it is today.

I almost called you about going to the singing time this afternoon, but that's right smack in the middle of his nap--not worth going into the weekend with a screwed up sleep situation.

I hope we can get outside again next week! love, Val