Sunday, January 08, 2012

Christmas Part 2

Note:  I wrote most of this while in labor at 6:00 AM, the morning of New Year's Eve.  That is neither here nor there, but for the sake of documentation, there you go.  I got to the point of uploading pictures and started getting so uncomfortable I just had to quit.  At which point I went to the bathroom, saw a little blood, and realized this was the REAL DEAL, which lead me to wake up Dan and freak him out, and then hop in the shower to shave my legs.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, we'll save the rest of the details for the actual birth story.  

Also, I guess I'm going to have to make this Christmas thing a three-parter, which seems pretty ridiculous now that we're a week into January, but I have all these pictures and there was just so much Christmas-ing this year, I can't help it!  Especially now, that we have Louie, I want to make sure to get all this down, so we really remember the last Christmas we had as a little family of 3.  Already it all seems like a LIFETIME ago, of course.  What a trip this all is, being parents again... to a brand new kid... totally uprooting our "normal".    

So part 3, i.e. the actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations, are coming soon.  Hopefully.  Dan IS going back to work tomorrow (OMG) and I officially will be mothering two children on my own (OMG), so... yeah.  Let's hope I can make it happen.   

Just as we do every year, we spent December 23rd, Christmas Eve eve, with Dan's family.  It's SUCH a different dynamic than Christmas with my parents and brothers, it makes me giggle just thinking about what the members of each family would think of if they had a chance to participate in the other family's holiday gathering.  It is the yin and yang of Christmas, really truly.

It's a gourmet brunch pulled together from a number of fancy cookbooks vs. a delicious, but low key, spread of chicken legs, buffalo chicken egg rolls, meatballs, cheese trays and other appetizers.     

It's slowly opening one gift at a time, youngest to oldest vs. every man, woman, and child for him or herself gift wrap tearing MANIA.

It's sitting around the table sipping coffee, talking and laughing and engaging in lively debates about healthcare and STD testing vs. gathering around a toddler's new Cars race track and cheering on the person who can shake the race car the most efficiently to produce the longest run.

It's quietly snuggling on the couch, reading a book to my son while Ben rambles on and on about Words With Friends vs. helping Gus put sprinkles on a fun fetti cupcake and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with my nephews.    

And you know what?  I feel equally lucky to be able to be a part of both families, and experience such equally awesome yet different versions of Christmas.

On that note... on with the pictures from Christmas with my in-laws.

The cutest most adorable walking 10 month old little lady e-ver.

Gus appears to be playing nicely with his cousin, but soon he will decide that she's too much in his bubble, and deserves a monster truck in the face.  Not cool my son.  Thankfully Dan has quick reaction times and caught the monster truck in mid flight.

Following that incident we have this... looks like he's super remorseful and learning a lot on his time-out on Grandma's bed, huh?  Oy vay.

After singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Cupcake devoured in about 15 seconds flat.  

Nephews patiently waiting for GO TIME.

Thomas legos!  Had to be opened immediately, of course.

The infamous race track.  Dan and I got it for my nephew, it takes up a lot of space, and is sort of loud.  I feel a little bad now... his parents probably would have preferred jammies and some small cars.  :)

When we got home at like 10:00 PM, Gus stayed up a little longer playing with his new toys... his Thomas legos, motorcycle, and helicopter.  He was so excited and we couldn't resist his enthusiasm.  Nor can I say no to a kid who looks that freaking adorable in his Christmas jammies.  

I seriously can't resist babies (he's still a baby right?!) in pajamas.  


val said...

Awww, those striped pajamas are irresistible.

I'm glad you appreciate the wild scruffiness of this crew, and I love hearing about other people's lovely, dignified Christmases. There's a part of me that's totally there.

And yet, there's the reality of us which is, well, yeah.

I am lucky for you, and so thrilled to have Louie in our arms at last. love, Val

Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with a wonderful family! It is interesting how celebrations can vary from family to family, and yet each one is perfect just the way it is.

Oh, and Gus is definitely irresistible in those pajamas. :)

Mandy said...

Agreed, Gus is totally irresistible in those jammies! This Christmas celebration sounds much like the ones with my family - so much fun! It is fun to hear how everyone else celebrates.

Erin said...

Such cute pics! You're lucky to have the contrasts - Ben and my families are slightly different but not by THAT much.

Good luck parenting TWO children today... the thought scares me. Can't wait to hear more about how everything is going for you so far!