Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holidays... still pregnant... that kind of update

Goodness gracious I am 36 weeks pregnant, when did that happen?  Like seriously, how are we here already? 

Of course, on the other hand, I am constantly complaining that it feels like I have been pregnant FOREVER, it's that interesting and infuriating dichotomy that I'm sure most women who've been pregnant can remember vividly. 

It's all about perspective this late in the game. 

36 wks

And WHAMMO.  How's that for perspective?  Thats the Belly, with a capital B, for Big, and Beach Ball, and Bodacious, and Baffling, and just flat out Busting out... of many of my maternity tops.

As for how I'm feeling, physically, at 36 weeks pregnant, it's not too bad.  I've had a few instances of swelling over the past week, which was somewhat alarming.  Once was after a two hour choral/orchestral concert for which I was required to sit in a church pew.  Afterwards I stood up and was somewhat horrified to find that my right foot had swelled up over the last hour, to the point where it was difficult to walk and it felt and looked like my shoe didn't fit.  Freaky.  I blame myself, as I crossed my legs for about half the concert, and also hadn't drank nearly enough water as I should have throughout the day.  Lessons learned.

I felt better after hydrating, and walking a bit, but then the next morning woke up to really swollen fingers and ankles.  Not cute.  My rings are now currently hanging on the chain around my neck because I just don't want to take any chances.

Other than that, baby boy is moving around quite a bit in there, even though he seems to be running out of room.  At my midwife appointment yesterday she declared him head-down (whew) and said that he doesn't seem "all that big".  She referenced how big Gus was (9 lb 11 oz) and said she didn't think this little guy would be quite there, she estimated he was about 6 lbs right now.  But who knows... I don't think any of us were expecting Gus to be that big last time, and I can't say I'm all that worried about it.  Clearly I can birth big babies just fine.

Oh and yes, people at work specifically are starting to say really annoying/amusing things.  It's just too funny, the word vomit that is spewed on pregnant women, most of which I know totally comes from the right place, and is not meant to be mean-spirited or insulting.  But seriously people!  Get a handle on it!  Yesterday I was in these two ladies' office asking them a totally work-related question, and they just couldn't seem to make eye contact.  Instead, they preferred to blatantly stare at the belly, and one of them actually asked me if I was sure there was only one baby in there.

Yeah.  I'm sure.  Thanks for that.

One guy last week walked by me, and exclaimed wide-eyed, "Whoa!  That is... whoa.  Must not be much longer now huh?"

It's just really to the point that you can't NOT say something about it, because, well, you saw the belly.  So I totally get it.

But please don't say something to me that implies that I might be having twins and I don't realize it.  Puh-leeeze.  That is really my only request.    

Anyway, here we are.  Things are going just fine, people ask me if I'm all ready and I flat out say NO, and they sort of give me this look like they don't know how to respond.  But really, I am not ready.  I want to meet this baby boy, I am getting SO EXCITED about that part of it, but I just haven't had time to properly prepare.  Bags still need to be packed.  The nursery needs to be organized, tiny diapers need to be bought, pump parts need to be sanitized, maxi pads and stool softeners and breast pads need to be purchased.  The list feels neverending, and that is only because I haven't taken the time to make an actual list.  I think once I do that, I will feel better about things, but I have just been way too focused on the holidays and family and Christmas shopping and making cookies, and it really has been an excellent December.  I just am starting to feel like I probably shouldn't wait until after Christmas to start thinking about things like installing the infant car seat, or throwing towels and plastic bags in each of our cars in case my water breaks in some strange place.  Just.  In.  Case.

We're due January 10th, so I know that most likely there's PLENTY of time for me to take that nesting energy that I've been consumed with (but thus far have dedicated towards cooking and baking for potlucks and wrapping presents and making our house all pretty for the holidays) and put it towards labor/newborn prep.  Hopefully, PLENTY of time.  Really, I just need to calm down, and get to it.

I really really love this time of year though, and have to say I've been so happy to share all the holiday excitement with our little two year old.  We went downtown for the Holidazzle parade a few weeks ago and, goodness, how awesome is it that I now have this little toddler excuse to force Dan to do things that he normally hates, like go to parades downtown in the freezing cold.  Pre-dad Dan would never do that.  I love pre-dad Dan, but actual Dad Dan, yeah he's much more accomodating, and will pretty much do anything to make his kid happy.  Gus and I are pretty lucky to have him.

We've also made sure to get out and enjoy the snow... BOTH times that we've gotten a little dusting.  The amount of snow so far this season has definitely been lame, but really that's ok with me.  I know there's plenty of winter left, and from Gus's reaction to "SNOW!" both of those times, there are definitely good times ahead.  

Friday night we're having friends over for a relatively impromptu holiday dinner get-together, and I am so so excited.  It always ends up being so difficult to get together with friends during this time of the year, we all have so many family/work committments, and it really never seems to work out.  But this year, somehow, it did, and I just can't wait to do Christmas with friends, in a super relaxed, Minnesota hotdish potluck kind of way.  I put together a few crafts to keep the kids busy, Mandy is bringing her DVDs of Frosty and Rudolph, I will be putting on the holiday tunes, and pretty much the only thing that could make the evening better would be if I could partake in finishing off a bottle or two of red.  Oh well... I can wait... only FOUR MORE WEEKS.  (Gracious.)  Maybe I'll splurge and have a few sips from someone's glass.  ;)


Mama in the City said...

You look great and so glorious for 36 weeks!

I'm finding myself to have really slowed down in the last week or so and am getting quite uncomfortable with baby bum under my ribs.

Trying to enjoy it but at the same time I'm kind of envious of all those pregnant ladies who can keep it going till the very end. Right now I'm all about lounging and relaxing and having people come to my place for a visit.

My baby is measuring ahead but I'm not too worried about the size. I know I can push out 8 lbs and everything is a bit more spacious the second time around ;)

Lisa said...

Goodness, lady. You are looking SO cute! Love that belly (I know you think otherwise). I can't believe it's already mid-December and this little guy will be along soon. What excitement!

Glad you're finding time to enjoy the holidays and get Dan out of the house. :) I can only imagine Gus's reaction to all the floats! The holidays must be fun with a little one.

So looking forward to our get together on Friday! Thanks for planning/hosting - you are awesome. And you are welcome to as many sips of my glass as you'd like!

Erin said...

I think your belly is just plain AWESOME :)

We're doing Holidazzle tomorrow - I think Annie will like it a lot more than her blank stare last year :)

Baby Mama said...

I LOVE your belly. It's so massive and cute, and yet no other part of you looks pregnant. It reminds me how insane this whole pregnancy and birth process is, it just doesn't seem like it should work at all. And yet, somehow, it does.

Betsy said...

Majorly jealous of that cute belly. I always wanted mine to look like that!

I'm sad to be missing a holiday get together :( Boo! I hate being so far away.

Those pictures of Gus are insanely adorable. I love his smile :)

I can't imagine the craziness of being due right after the holidays! You'll get everything done. Order stuff from when you are bored at work! ;) Free 2 day shipping and you can get all that random stuff on your list! It's how I survived the last month of my pregnancy since I never wanted to leave the house to shop!

Freckles said...

Oh my goodness, so cute! I'm going to have to rub that belly when I see you tomorrow, just so you know. I can't resist! And, I know you will get everything done. You'll be as ready as you can be, for sure. I don't think you can ever truly be ready for your first...or second...or third (4th, 5th, 6th) for that matter, so you just have to accept that its going to be a crazy, awesome ride!

Laura said...

Seriously, you are looking GREAT Alicia! We work with some not so smart people...I get even more annoyed when people who have children make the stupid comments...don't they remember what it's like to be pregnant or have a pregnant wife?!? I have an idea of who made the twins comment, we'll have to chat this week to see if I'm right...if I am, she made equally insulting comments to me as well.

I know the next few weeks are going to get more uncomfortable but hang in there...remember that in a few short weeks, you are going to miss being pregnant...I'm almost 3 months out and I still miss feeling his little kicks every day! :)

Mandy said...

You are all belly and you look amazing! Seriously, I even had to show the picture to Frankie just remind him how I was about this time last year and his first response was WOW and then he followed with "well he is tiny to start with so that baby has to go somewhere"! The pics of Gus are adorable, love all of them! And I am so sorry to back out on Friday night and not providing the fun movies - but I am very glad that I did not share my Strep with anyone else (it was not a fun weekend in our household to say the least). Maybe I will get to see you before that baby arrives and if not I will be rushing over as soon as he is here! Also if there is anything you don't get before his arrival just let me know... you brought me the best things when you came to meet Mason and I totally want to return the favor!!