Monday, January 06, 2014




Little by little.  

Change doesn't have to be sudden. It's not necessarily something that happens in an instant, you might not even notice it if you're not looking for it.  It can creep in under the radar, present only in the small moments, seen in seemingly innocent interactions, growth disguised by everyday life.  

We've spent most of the last week celebrating Louie turning 2, and in all this family time (below zero temps and time off work for the New Year holiday means there has been a LOT of time home) I've really been able to sense a shift happening.  Or maybe it's already happened.

The boys' relationship is changing.  Their interests are merging, they are able to find common ground and they show empathy and compassion for each other in the sweetest ways.  There is a better understanding of what the other needs, how the other feels, and ways to play together that both will enjoy.  Of course this is a process.  They're both growing and learning and developing, and in this moment, it seems like we've hit a sweet spot.  We're in a place where Louie is able to communicate clearly, the baby stage far behind him, and Gus is getting better at controlling his emotions and dealing with frustration appropriately.

They laugh together, they tear around the house together, they gang up on their parents together. They have inside jokes, but then also each know what to do to really piss of the other.  Our days are a mix of giggling and arguing, but it feels like a healthy mix.  Parental intervention is needed much less, and that is a relief and makes day-to-day life much simpler and more manageable.

It's fun.  It should be fun, and right now, it is.  We spend our days playing pirates, super heroes, robots, animals, & dinosaurs, and I just love it.  With these little boys, well it just gets better, easier in ways, everyday.  I'm so thankful that they have each other and we get to be along for the ride.

Because without yesterday, we wouldn't be able to appreciate today.



Jodi said...

I totally know what you mean - there are times when I'm making dinner and the kids are actually just playing with each other, entertaining each other and staying out of my hair! It's so fun to watch their relationship grow!

Suzi said...

I've been feeling this way lately, too. There are so many moments throughout my day when I notice the kids are off in one of the bedrooms, reading books together, playing hide & seek, chasing each other in circles, or just participating in plain-ol' shenanigans. I love seeing their relationship blossom.
Thanks for this beautifully-written post!

Julia Goolia said...

Love this, I've noticed a shift lately, too and it's wonderful. Of course, I know this more settled routine will be shaken up again in a few months but I shall enjoy it while it lasts!!

Erin said...

Aww, yay! So sweet. My boys have been making tiny baby steps too but still "tolerance" is pretty much the high watermark around here. I do think it will be better once Julius's speech is more intelligible to Miles. :)