Sunday, April 13, 2014

We went to Mexico

I can't find the words to describe how good this trip was for us.


Life is busy, and those joyful boys (.k.a. chirpy little balls of never-ending energy) we are raising can be pretty all-consuming. Sometimes you need a reminder of how the other people live. Sometimes you need a reminder that life isn't all dishes and wiping counters and "What do we make for dinner tonight?" and daycare drop-off and long commutes and never enough hours in the day and middle of the night wakings and teaching right and wrong and being asked "why?" over and over and over... Sometimes you need a reminder of how much you actually ENJOY this person you are making a life with.


And the sun.  The glorious, warm, life-giving sun.  Minnesota has been missing you.


These 4 days in paradise were good for my tired soul.  And for my over-stimulated brain.  It was able to dial back a little, as the big decisions in Mexico involve making the choice between another margarita or switching to gin and tonics. Or deciding whether to go for a walk on the beach or read a few more chapters.


Oh, and I never needed to warm up my coffee in the microwave.




We woke up each morning way too early, but neither of us seemed to be able to sleep later than 7:00, these children have RUINED us!  And then we would go down to the beach and just do this.


And a little of this.


Then we'd hit the pool to cool off a bit.


Or take a stroll down the beach.


It was so QUIET!






The view from our balcony.





Room service breakfast every morning.



Romantic dinners each night.






Sorry about the selfies.  We are awkward introverts and just can't stand asking strangers to take our picture.


We ventured outside of the resort just once, on our last night, took a bus to a super touristy spot to go haggle with the locals on souvenirs for the boys.  It stressed both of us out and we couldn't wait to get back to our all inclusive safe haven. We are terrible travelers without our guide Lisa!  ;)



And then we came home.  As we were descending over Minneapolis I was immediately back to mom mode, remembering to take a picture from the plane to show Gus, knowing how thrilled it would make him.


We are so thankful to our incredible parents for taking such great care of the boys, I was worried about leaving them so long, even if 4 nights and 5 days isn't really that long at all.  I shouldn't say worried, I knew they'd be in good hands.  But nervous and neurotic? Yes.  They were both so happy to have us home, and Dan and I both took the next day off of work to spend a day with them at home... get back into our groove.  That day was a blessing, however I came to the realization that our time in paradise didn't do quite what I hoped it would do, which was provide us with a nice little break that would allow me to come back to real life with all this bottled up patience and a zen-like approach to parenting.

Instead, I am even more aware how dang LOUD these kids are!  Like seriously.  We've been back almost a week and I think I'm finally getting used to it again.  Crap.

They're loud.

But gosh I love them, and missed them, and am so grateful for them.  And I sure do love my husband.


Erin said...

Ahhh this seriously seems heavenly!! Such a good description of why adults only vacations are needed - need to have that reminder of who you are away from the kids. And the quiet. It just can't be beat. I couldn't take a day off after I got back from our AZ trip this year and it was really tough to go right back into a full week of work after being gone. Just a function of the time of year that we went, doesn't always work out but still so worth it and I never really find it that hard to be away from the kids, honestly. I'm ready to come back by the end of it but have ZERO problems enjoying my time away from them :) I think 4-5 days is the perfect amount of time too, not sure I could do much more than that at this stage.

Berbs33 said...

This vacation sounds perfect! Frankie and I want to do something this fall to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, I might have to get some information from you as I dont have a clue where to go/stay! Love the pictures. Make me long for summer so badly, I am ready for some sun and warmth and long days outside@.

Lisa said...

Oh buddy, so glad you had a wonderful time. It looks like you got an awesome view with your room, and indulged in all the yumminess they have to offer. That picture of you two hugging in the mirror is seriously the cutest ever. So glad the two of you could spend some quality time together, celebrate your 10 years, and enjoy some YOU time. You definitely deserved it!

And lol, you don't need me! Good for you for braving a trip out, though you're right, there's really no need when you have a resort like that. But next time, I'd (we'd) gladly go along! ;)

P.S. Did Dan eat breakfast naked?

Jodi said...

Wow, looks amazing! So, so important to get away from the mundane aspects of life and to do it somewhere warm. All the photos look heavenly, the sun, the lack of clouds, the sand.... ahh!

Julia Goolia said...

My God I'm jealous;) Loved the pictures, loved the post, and lived vicariously through you a bit. I will be damned if we don't do this next year!!!

Betsy said...

I'm dying of jealously over here. That looked amazing. I'm so happy you guys were able to get away!

Jo said...

This looks absolutely wonderful. Heavenly weather, no kids, uninterrupted meals...