Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm having another baby

I decided not to bury the lead this time.


I've had a few months to freak out/panic/laugh/jump up and down/freak out some more/find peace with/get REALLY EXCITED about this little piece of news.  So I hope I've done a good job of freaking some of you out about this who don't know me in real life.  

Now you know how I felt on June 6th in that dingy public restroom in the back of a Bloomington Subway Sandwich restaurant.

And now you know how Dan felt when I came home that night with Chinese takeout and he reached into the brown paper bag for some Kung Pao chicken and pulled out a pregnancy test.  (I know, not the most sanitary, but I was going for shock value!)

I promise I'll be back with more interesting information, and maybe even a few belly pictures... I'm a few days away from 14 weeks. (Friday is the day actually, pregnant ladies, myself included, just can't seem to help themselves from rounding up, can they?)

12 week little buddy!

I just wanted to get it out there, since as of this morning, my boss knows, and the news was sure to bleed over into the internet world soon (if it hasn't already) via some heavy instagramming of a very clear belly over this past weekend by my girlfriends.  (Still coming down from my Girl's Weekend high!)

The old "new baby!" books are back in heavy rotation.

More soon, I promise!  I have not been blogging all summer, in general, because I have basically been hanging on by a thread, taking the loveliness that is the first trimester day-by-day... but things seem to be on the upswing in the complaint department. Here's hoping!

THREE KIDS!!!!!!!!  It's going to be a while before I get used to that.


Erin said...

Wow wow wow! Congratulations!! So exciting. You are the second person (friend? Internet friend?) who has recently surprised me with third baby news. :) Yay babies!

Jodi said...

Yay, so exciting!!! Are you going to find out the gender? Welcome to the club of three kids.... Well, I'm not really there yet myself, but soon enough!

Erin said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Color me shocked.

Congrats :)

Julia Goolia said...

OMG!!!! Ditto Erin above. LOVE LOVE LOVE this update, so excited to read along. So get blogging, woman! ;)


Lisa said...

The second best baby news of the year!! Sorry, mine has to come first in my book. :) I've said it a zillion times already, but I'm so freaking excited for you. Three kids will be such a trip, and a blessing. Just can't wait to meet him/her. Love you to pieces!

Jo said...

Wow! Congrats! Glad to hear that the second trimester is starting to feel better.

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Congrats!! (Haha and I totally clicked on this expecting news that you were getting a dog or something.) Hope you enjoy a lovely 2nd trimester, mine was so nice this pregnancy and now 7 weeks away from due date I'm like...just feeling huge and looking forward to having my body back.

Berbs33 said...

So happy for you guys! Hoping for a little girl so you aren't completely out numbered in your house!!

A. said...

Wow! Congrats! I found out over on Laura's blog after she commented to your MIL. The internet is weird like that.

How amazing! Wishing you days filled with good health and lots of energy. Pregnancy and two little cannot be easy, but you've got this. :)

(And so cool and random to run into you a couple weeks ago at the PD open house. Hope you all had fun.)

Erin said...

When is the "more interesting information" coming? I'm waiting.