Friday, February 06, 2015

The Pink Curtains

We're ready baby girl! 

 Because we all know that it's the pink curtains that indicate readiness for a child, right?

For real though, the countdown is definitely on.  I know it could still be two weeks (or more) before this baby is born, but we're to that point where I make "tentative" plans, assuming the baby is still on the inside. Still feeling relatively chill about the whole thing, because while dude, I am SO READY to not be pregnant, I'd also really like at least one more week at work because last week was insane trying to wrap things up and pass things off and train my backups.  

Yeah, I could really use one more week.  

And as chill as I may claim to be, I'm still of course nervous about how it will all go down, the timing of when I'll go into labor, where the boys will be or go, and how quickly or not quickly everything will happen this time.

There really is nothing like the unknown of giving birth.  Nothing else in life quite like it, and I almost feel like it's better to try to not think about it.  (Impossible.)

The nursery looks like a nursery though, a little girl's nursery at that, and THAT feels really good. When Louie was born a week and a half before his due date, this same room was a disaster area.  Baby clothes spilling out of blue tubs all over the room, everything in disarray, the new bassinet we had purchased still in its box, and a completely unorganized dresser.

So if the baby came tomorrow, we'd be okay.  Just knowing I wouldn't be coming home from the hospital to a disaster (not to mention a mouse on steroids taken to defecating on our bed) is a huge relief.

Ice cream right out of the gallon bucket is a clear sign of a pregnant lady who is totally over it. 

 I give up.

The big brothers are ready.  Gus informed me the other day that he plans on feeding the baby mushed bananas when she's hungry, and picking her up when she cries, and that he can't wait to hold her all the time.  There will definitely need to be some ground rules set but his heart is clearly in the right place.  ;)  

Louie will be a bit of a wild card during this transition, I'm thinking.  Currently he basically wants his mother to do everything for him all the time, and as difficult as that can be being THIS pregnant, it's certainly not going to be easier with a newborn.  But we will manage.  I'm anticipating some high highs, and some low lows.  

Cannot wait to meet this girl.  We have a name, and she sounds like the sister of Gus and Louie.  She sounds like our daughter. We have a plethora of ruffly leggings folded in the dresser.  We have little pink hats adorned with birds and bows.  We have a few new pacifiers in case this one actually decides to take a pacifier.  

And now we wait, and try not to go crazy, and do regular life stuff like help the boys with getting their valentines ready for parties next week at daycare and preschool.  

We will find things to do to burn off excess energy.

February 6, 2015

January 31, 2015

Jan 18, 2015

January 30, 2015

We will snuggle the babies that have already arrived.

Jan 16, 2015

January 26, 2015

And we will remain patient.  No matter how uncomfortable "we" might be.  :)

Jan 17, 2015


Erin said...

You look great, and as I said on IG, love the nursery! Belly looks exactly like a basketball, seriously in a year you should recreate that pic with an actual ball under your shirt to compare :)

Nicole Tully said...

Love her sweet nursery :) You look SO GREAT! I know you may not feel great, but for real, it totally looks like you just shoved a ball down your shirt - all belly! I would have guessed you were having a boy if you didn't know it was a girl!
Can't wait to hear what her name is…I"m guessing I'm going to looooove it because I adore the names Louie and Gus ;)

Lisa said...

I heart this. Baby girl, you are so blessed to be joining this family!

Erin said...

So sweet! Can't wait to hear her name and hear about how the boys like having a sister. I can't believe you're so close - other people's pregnancies go by so quickly! :)

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Her room looks amazing! So excited for you, sending you best wishes for the birth!

Heather said...

Did a mouse seriously poop on your bed because I can’t even. I just … wow. That is my ultimate worst nightmare right there. We had a mice issue periodically over the last year and I was *this close* to putting our house on the market. Turns out, I am completely creeped out by mice. GAH.

Those ruffle curtains are FAB. The perfect pop of pink for your baby girl’s nursery.

You’re so right - there really isn’t anything like the unknown of child birth. Sending you all my good thoughts and prayers that everything will go perfectly for you and your family!

Betsy said...

Yay! I love nursery!! I want those curtains for my own room. I can't believe you will have THREE kids soon! :)

Julia Goolia said...

Love this, tried to comment like a week ago, don't think it went through. Let the social media stalking commence!!!

Andrea Firmani said...

The pink is great!!
We still don't know what our #3 is going to be. After a complex pregnancy I was eager to find out but alas we haven't yet found out. Either way it will be...a baby! And we have a boy and a girl already.
I am so not looking forward to the end of pregnancy uncomfortableness. Im only 29 weeks and feel so uncomfortable already. LOL. Oh dear!!

Suzi said...