Thursday, February 01, 2007


This "studying" thing is, admittedly, a little irritating. Going back to school has just added this whole new element of planning to my life that I hadn't had to deal with since college. Don't get me wrong, I love sitting at the coffee shop with my laptop (loving it!) and I seriously don't mind filling my brain with something useful as opposed to fashion magazine articles, celebrity gossip, and random bloggers' self-obsessed ruminations (no offense!), but there is just not enough fricken time in the day! When you add all these new school responsibilities to my already over-loaded schedule of working and tv and socializing and spending time with the pup and once-in-a-while giving my husband a little bit of much-deserved affection, it just feels like I am never doing everything that I want to be doing. I mean seriously, my DVR is like 90% full, and most of it is crap that I just haven't had time to watch. I hate it. I feel so left out when I read my TV gossip blogs, I have no idea what's going on. Case-in-point: 24. I was SOOO excited about the new season, but I haven't watched any of it yet. That's like 6 hours of television right there! But of course, I can't keep away from the stupid blogs, so I know that yummy Curtis dies and Jack goes all vampire on some guy and kills him with his fricken mouth, and I started reading something about someone being Jack's brother but quickly stopped myself from ruining anything more.

I am such a whiner. Oh, woe is me, I don't have time to waste my life watching ridiculous amounts of TV like I used to. I don't like myself either.

Also, about 99.9% of the fights Dan and I have gotten into in the past month have been directly related to our study habits not really jiving. Fortunately for you all, I don't have time to get into that, because it's really not that interesting. Just know that there have been slammed doors and crying over when to study accrual accounting concepts. We're dumb.

Gotta go get back to work, I'm at the coffee shop, trying to study a bit for tonight's exam. (The instructor calls them weekly quizzes, but who here has ever taken an hour-long quiz with 78 possible points? I didn’t think so, those are fricken exams.)

Ha, I just re-read all this and realized I used the word “fricken” a ridiculous amount times. I am so lame.

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