Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snowwww... I'll wash my hair with snow

This weather is seriously out of control... and I absolutely love it! When else does your boss come to you at 8:00 AM to tell you to feel free to leave work whenever you'd like, to not worry about making up the hours, to just leave him a voice mail the next morning if you're not going to make it in? Snow days are seriously awesome. I remember back in college sophomore year having classes cancelled because of crazy amounts of snow, but I suppose I remember that very well because that same day Kate and I, despite the weather advisories and the fact that our ENTIRE COLLEGE TOWN had shut down because of the conditions, attempted to make the drive to Decorah, Iowa to pick up Lisa and rolled her Explorer and missed hitting a semi by about 3 feet and almost died. Yeah... good times.


Anyway, back to today, the awesome snow day. The one ironically crappy thing about today is that it is Dan's and my first week without class since we started grad school and, of course, if we had had class, (I hate when sentences end up like that, with two had's right next to each other, I suppose it's probably simply a product of my crappy writing and it doesn't actually happen to anyone else), it would have been cancelled. Isn't that just how life goes?


So I went outside to try to take some pictures, because for all the bitching people do about snow and how it disrupts our lives and all that, it is so ridiculously gorgeous. I absolutely love it. (That may be because I am not the one outside shovelling right now... husbands are quite nice to have on days like today.)


Oh, and Nathan, could you please call me or email me or something? What's going on with you? Do you still love your family at all? If you do... you should really call and tell us that, because we're starting to really wonder. Sorry to do this so publicly, but we're running out of options, short of driving down to Chicago and busting down the door at Banana Republic with the producers of Intervention. Love you.

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