Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fashion Challenge!

Sarah presented this really fun fashion challenge over on her blog to try to come up with an outfit for under $50. Here it is in her words…

Put together a cute ensemble for a party, for under $50.00. It must include at least clothes and shoes but if you want to try for a matching handbag and jewelry like I did then by all means do it! And if you decide to accept this challenge, let me know so I can check it out.
So, since I have sort of hit that “I can’t handle this anymore and I refuse to start anything new after 4:00” wall here at work, I thought it would easily help me pass the time! Also, it goes without saying that I love this kind of stuff, which is why I love Sarah’s blog so much. Here’s my outfit, sort of a sassy retro look, I’m digging it…

The dress is from Charlotte Russe and costs $24.99.

And these darling peep-toes can be purchased from for $17.99.

And finally, the earings are from Forever 21, and are super cheap, just $2.80.

So for just $45.78, I think this is a fabulous party outfit, and I'm quite pleased with myself for putting it together. Even though I never shop at any of these places. Hmm... maybe I should?

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