Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

Some quick notes:

- I just joined Facebook, and am officially, obsessed. Seriously, everyone is on there… it is scary. For some reason, on MySpace, I always had these ridiculous high-school-esque popularity contest anxieties about asking people I may have known back in the day to be my friend. But Facebook is a whole different story, I’m searching and scrolling and adding people as friends left and right! No anxiety! No shame! Oh, I worked with you for 5 minutes at Applebee’s that summer of 2001? Let’s be Facebook friends! I knew you mostly from a-far in high school (we were in the same sculpture class!) and it’s doubtful you remember me? Who cares, let’s be Facebook friends! We were in the same dorm our first year at college and barely knew each other’s last names, then you transferred, but we got drunk together a few times… so let’s be Facebook friends!

- My stats final is tonight and then no more class until… SEPTEMBER! Yay! I am ecstatic, Dan and I have even agreed to go out afterwards with some people, to celebrate, and drink… on a Thursday night! Aren’t we wild and crazy… going out on a weeknight?! Also, I love that class and I have the highest amount of points in the class, which is… all the points. I know I’m totally bragging and that is totally bitchy, but I don’t care, I love being the best.

- I bought a huge box of granola bars at Target because they were a part of some special “bulk” offering they’ve got going on (back to school college stuff maybe?). There were such amazing deals, that we also got bulk packages of toothpaste (4 tubes), hand soap (3 dispensers), and men’s deodorant (3 bars), and now they are sitting on our kitchen table because I have no idea where to put all of it. Damn you Target! Anyway, the point is, I am now officially sick of the granola bars, and I’ve only eaten 3 ½ of them. There were 28. Argh.

- I just started watching that show Psych on USA and I can’t get enough of it. Are people watching this show? You should be. It is so so hilarious, and I want to lick that James Roday dude.

- I met Liz and Betsy for happy hour yesterday and even left work early for it, so I could be there by 5:00. Yea, the weather and traffic had different plans for me, I finally made it there at 5:50. It was worth it though, the margarita was huge and super tasty, and I loved catching up with the girls. I just wish we all lived closer, or worked closer, or something! Isn’t the point of happy hour to make it to the restaurant/bar before happy hour is over, and isn’t it supposed to be a relaxing way to unwind after work? Stop-and-go traffic for an hour and a half, I have to say, is not relaxing.

- Question for you ladies… boys, skip over this part. What do you do about your bikini line? Do we shave, Nair, wax, what? I shave, and I have very sensitive skin, which means… red bumpies, and I need to know how other people handle this. Does anyone have any product recommendations? Technique suggestions? Help me. It seems as though I am in a swimsuit every weekend this summer, and I am not complaining, because really this speaks to how beautiful it has been and that my social life has not been lacking. But I need help in this area. I would love to just get it all lasered off, but that is expensive, and drastic, and something that I think would be best done in the winter months anyways.

- I am contemplating getting bangs again, just some long ones, should I do it? Will I hate them immediately? I can’t help it, but lately I am jealous of every woman I see with cute bangs.

- My birthday is July 29th, and I am finally getting with the times, and getting an iPod. Well, that is my plan anyways. Hint hint. Buy me an iPod.

- My mom’s birthday is also coming up, two days before mine, and I am completely stuck on what to get her. She wants one of those corn on the cob butter-application things from Pampered Chef, but I checked it out, and they are $3. I think I’m planning on spending a little bit more than that. I hate shopping for my mom, she is honestly, the worst. I feel like I’ve tried everything, and she returns everything. I need ideas for cool stuff. She’s not a normal girlie lady at all, bath products and perfumes, etc. make her gag and she refuses to wear anything that must be layered, for the most part all her clothes come from thrift stores. She loves old stuff, antiques, but every time I’ve gone that route, I have gotten it totally wrong. For Christmas, I got her popover pans, and a CD. She made me take the CD back.

- I don’t know how to sign-out here, after a list of just random thoughts that have no correlation to each other at all. Also, I’m just very out of practice. So… um… later.


Mandy said...

Man so much to comment on!
Facebook Huh? So you like it better than MySpace? I might have to check it out... but I already spend way too much free time on the computer so that might be a bad idea.

And congrats on being the best in the class. I would totally brag too, you earned it!

As for Target and their bulk products I hear you. I always get suckered in and then I have to place to store anything when I get home, but the prices are awesome.

Bikini Line.. I shave too, and I don't know it there is any magical prodect to make the red bumpies go away any faster. But I will be checking back to your page to see if anyone else has any good tips!

Glad to hear the Margs were good at Happy Hour... but it sucks that it was so stressful getting there. I hate traffic, and most of the time there is no damn reason for the traffic to be at a stand still. Stupid MN drivers.

As for the hair, I say go for it. They will always grow back. I am cutting my short again and going really dark. EEK. My sister just graduated yesterday from Beauty School and I told her that she could do whatever she wanted to my hair once she graduated so that is the plan. She is doing it next wednesday!

And about your mom... good luck. Mom's are the hardest to shop for. And for you I hope you get the iPod. I still don't have one either, but hopefully I will join all the technology geeks soon too!

Okay I think that covers yet. That was such a long post with so much to say. Have a great weekend. And Happy Early Birthday in case I don't see you.

Angela said...

I will be waiting for bikini tips too! Someone told me to try that Nair for bikini lines, but my skin was way to sensitive for that! Good luck with your mom... my mom is easy to shop for. Anything accompanied by a sappy card and she's happy.

AliRose said...

Hey ladies - quick note/update, I shaved this weekend with conditioner (random - it was the only thing I had up at CJ's cabin) and afterwards applied the moisturizer I usually use on my face (just plain old Oil of Olay) and it seemed to work fabulously! That was Friday, and today, Monday, no red bumpies!! I seem to have fallen upon an answer to my problems totally on accident!

And I've tried nair Ang, and my skin is also too sensetive for that too, didn't work AT ALL.

Mandy said...

Thanks for the update... I will be trying that next time! Good thinking on Conditioner.. I never would have thought, but it makes sense!

Allie said...

Hey happy birthday!!! Belated I know... but hope it was happy!

Oh btw I changed the url for my old blog and it seems someone else has taken it over. There's a new Dilly Dilly in town! :-/