Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good things

Lots of good things happening in my world lately, but I have to start with the most awesome: FREE coffee at work. Not only is this FREE coffee FREE, but it is really ridiculously tasty FREE coffee. There had been much grumbling around the office after one of my co-workers returned from some training out east with some very unsettling information – that they all had free coffee out there! Wait, that’s totally underselling it, let me re-phrase that. They had full out espresso machines and starbucks coffee out there. For free. We of course all cried foul immediately, and in the months that followed rumors of this free-coffee-coming-soon-to-an-employee-kitchen-near-you ran rampant throughout cubicle land. Funny what things actually instill passion and excitement in an office, huh? Anyway, as I have already stated, they weren’t just rumors, and we now have delicious free coffee coming out of our ears. Also, hot tea, hot chocolate, caramel swirl drinks, it is CRAZY!!! They really went all out. However no espresso machine, but I’ll take what I can get.

Cool thing number two in my world was my birthday, which was on Sunday, and which I milked for all I possibly could for the last week. Poor Dan. However he did put his foot down just once, by refusing to do the one thing that I wanted to do on my actual birthday. He wouldn’t go see Hairspray with me. The nerve. ;) Actually it was a wonderful birthday, and I had a great weekend. We went out with friends Friday night, hit up one of my favorite places, and proceeded to drink way too much. My brother-in-law bought me a shot, which managed to both surprise and disgust me by actually being spicy. He informed me after I took it that it was a prairie fire, i.e. tequila and tobasco sauce… yuck. Here is the aftermath:


I did end up drinking too much that night. Dan of course told me the next day that I was wholly irritating, stubborn and nonsensical in everything that I said. One thing I will say, is that I have this strange drunken habit of finding the ONE person who is not drinking ANYTHING and striking up a long and ridiculous conversation with them. Poor Corey. Liz, be sure to tell him I’m sorry. I am completely embarassed. Also, I smoked a cigarette. The first since, I dunno, 1984. Well, not really, I was three years old in 1984. But it’s definitely been a looooong time. I think I was trying to impress Betsy’s sister and brother, Abb and Tom. Hopefully I succeeded. Because smoking is the coolest. The best way to make people like you. Tell that to your children.

I have lots of these pictures… basically of me hugging the crap out of my friends. I love you guys, but you all know I am not much of a hugger. So yea. Drunk.


And finally, one of my favorite couples got engaged on Saturday, and I am so happy for them! Unfortunately, it had to be the day AFTER I drunkenly berated poor Andy for taking too long to pop the question. Poor guy. Bets – did he tell you that we were driving him so crazy that he broke down and told Dan that night that he had the ring and was going to ask you? I’m so glad Dan was able to keep that secret, because it was so much better hearing it from you. Anyway, here’s the happy couple, the night before they were engaged. So romantic. ;) Contratulations Bets... I can't wait to help you plan... and shop!



Mandy said...

Love the pictures... it looks like I missed a fun night! That won't be happening anymore.. especially if you will be drinking! And Congrats on the Free coffee.

Betsy said...

Thanks! I love that pic of Andy and I and I do not remember it being taken. Why am I doing the surfs up thing though?! Those margs were definitely strong! And the pic of us is cute, minus my fat arm!!