Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tales of my exciting life

So I was finally forced to convert to Office 2007 today. I know it is much prettier and appears to be more user friendly, but I’ve been close to a panic attack pretty much the entire day and it’s all Bill Gates’s fault. It took me, I swear, ten minutes to figure out where the “Save As” function was in Excel. I know, I am ridiculous, but I just hate this feeling that things are not where they’re supposed to be. There are so many things in my job that I do constantly and automatically without having to think through, and today I feel like a first grader learning to read. FRUSTRATING!

I am so boring when I talk about work.

In other news, this week I actually feel like one of those people with a social life! Monday I went to prenatal yoga, where I felt like the clumsiest and most inflexible person in the class, even though, on average, my classmates are all about 3 months farther along than me. So they all have these huge bellies and are talking about how they can’t sleep anymore, their joints are achy, and they have trouble breathing with their babies sitting right in their ribs, etc. etc. And here I am with a barely visible belly still waiting for most of those sucky pregnancy symptoms to kick in, yet I am the one whose warrior pose the instructor feels the need to correct. I am also the one with the sweaty feet that are dangerously close to slipping out from underneath her. I always feel like this amongst a bunch of women I don’t know, like I am so obviously the un-cool one, so why should pregnancy make me feel any different, I suppose. But jeez, do lots of people feel this way or am I just a totally insecure mouse of a girl?

Anyway, back to my supposed social life. Yesterday I had a delicious Thai dinner with some of my girlfriends, and they are all such awesome chicks and it was so fun to get together with them. The only thing that was missing was a bottle of wine or a dirty martini. I am such a lush to be constantly saying this, I know, but I don’t care. I miss me my booze. Really though, can you blame me? Four months now without any alcohol, that is most certainly the longest I’ve gone since college. For some reason I feel the need to put in the standard disclaimer, “but it is so going to be worth it when I have my baby!” just so I don’t look like a horrible person, but honestly, doesn’t that go without saying? Of course I feel that way, why do I feel like I have to say it? It’s my blog damn it.

So tonight I have a meeting for this non-profit board I’m on, and our poor pup, again, goes a few extra hours at home by herself because Dan also has some softball something to go to. That makes my heart hurt… I hate thinking of her stuck at home by herself on such a beautiful spring day. Poor little thing, I will definitely have to give her extra kisses and snuggles tonight.
Finally, I leave you with my 19 week belly picture. Enjoy, because it only took me about 30 tries to get a semi-decent one. No wonder I look pissed! You should see how ridiculous I look in the ones where I smile. =)


Mandy said...

You look so good! Keep the belly pics coming! We need to get together soon. I know everyone is crazy but we just need to plan a game night and stick to it! And you are not the only woman that misses having a drink while pregnant... that is totally normal and as soon as the baby is out I will bring you a bottle of wine (and if you are breast feeding you will just have to wait a while to drink or pump and dump). Oh man the joys of mommyhood!! You are gonna love it!

Betsy said...

I think about drinking daily. Obviously I won't, but everything sounds better with a marg or a glass of wine these days. I've even had several dreams where I drink an entire BEER and then realize I am pregnant and freak out. It's weird. Once the babies are born we should plan a girls night in Minneapolis, complete with a hotel room and way too much alcohol.