Monday, March 30, 2009

Insane pregnant lady at your service

Just wanted to quick pop in and say hello. Over the last week, I swear this belly of mine has really done some crazy growing. Its fun to finally be “showing” but it’s definitely an adjustment. Every once in a while, I just get totally weirded out that there’s a little being in my stomach. It’s just so strange, I feel sort of alien-esque. Whenever I start thinking too far along the lines of the whole alien thing (sharp teeth, scaly skin, spiky claws), I go online and look at pictures of cute babies wearing little knitted hats or teeny tiny moccasins. It’s a comforting reminder that one of those little adorable things is growing in there.

And FYI, I bought one of those adorable little hats on Etsy a few weeks ago. I just couldn’t help myself. Check out this seller, everything she has for sale is just way too cute for words.

Speaking of buying things for the wee one, I’m starting to feel sort of behind on Operation: Prepare for Baby. I’ve pretty much bought only completely inane things so far that just rope me in with their cuteness. I’ve been jotting down notes and planning what I want to do in the nursery for weeks, but I haven’t bought a single thing, beyond a little print I also found on Etsy that will just go perfect with my color scheme. Anyway, I think the appearance of the bump has sent me into a bit of a panic, I feel like I am way behind and there are only five months left before the baby and this summer will likely be crazy busy as it is and oh my god the contractors still haven’t even started on our basement yet holy crap holy crap. I’m crazy. I still have five months left! That is PLENTY of time to get everything done that I want to do.

This is just how my brain works on Mondays, it is all over the place and ridiculous. In any event, I am off to my first prenatal yoga class! I hate doing new things, I get so nervous. Hopefully its good times and I can avoid being socially awkward.
Edited to Add: This week's belly pics. 17 weeks, 5 days.


Betsy said...

OMG I just belly laughed at the pictures. "Not in my belly. In my belly." Classic. I still have a hard time comprehending that there is a human child in me. Just hanging out, kicking...SO WEIRD! You have plenty of time to buy baby things...and I'll go shopping with you anytime :)

Liz said...

Too funny! I totally agree with you that feeling the baby move feels like an alien. A very cool alien :) And they kind of come out looking like one too. In fact, Corey was convinced Lincoln had Downs symdrome.

You look adorable!

Don't worry about buying stuff! I didn't buy anything until after all of the baby showers. Then I felt like I knew EXACTLY what I needed to buy. And I didn't finish Lincoln's room until a month before he was born. I think I was in some sort of denial that my life was about to change. But I'm glad it did. I will TOTALLY go shopping with you if you have the urge to shop!

Mandy said...

You look so good!! And the "Not in my belly" picture totally made me laugh out loud at my desk! You have plenty of time before the baby comes so try to just relax and enjoy being pregnant. And I agree with Liz, you will get so much for your showers that even if you don't buy one thing before the baby arrives I am sure you will be fine! All he/she really needs is a place to sleep, some diapers and maybe some clothes (although not absolutely required)!! And I too would love to go shopping for baby things!

Lisa said...

There's the baby!!