Monday, June 08, 2009

I know, all I talk about is this baby...

I've decided Target’s baby registry pretty much sucks. Well first of all, let’s start with the in-store selection. Sucks. We registered this weekend and basically they have 4 aisles of crap, and that’s it. Then you go online, and there is SO MUCH more of a selection and completely different products available. Seriously, have you looked at baby clothes online at Target? It is just a plethora of adorableness, and an amazing amount of different gender-neutral clothing. Of course it’s online-only, so if your loved ones aren’t used to shopping that way, you’re kind of out-of-luck. Whatever, I added tons of online-only stuff to our registry today because I just couldn’t help it. I simply can’t take any more of the pastel yellow and green ducks & chicks stuff that was pretty much all we saw at both Babies-R-Us and Target this weekend when we registered. Ducks and chicks are fine. Pastel yellow and green are fine. There’s just so much other stuff out there, it’s a shame none of the stores actually carry it.

These annoyances lead me to be super naughty and purchase a bunch of outfits online about ten minutes ago. So dangerous, this whole “shopping for my baby” thing is, everything is just so hard to resist. (No, there is absolutely no good reason why I just typed that in yoda-speak.)

I’m getting slightly impatient for this kid’s estimated time of arrival to just be here already! That doesn’t mean we’re at all ready, we are so far on the not-ready side of things it stresses me out to think about it. If I had the baby tomorrow, he or she would have to sleep in the dog’s bed because I’m still waiting on our crib, we’d likely use Dan’s old softball t-shirts as diapers, and well, we wouldn’t even be allowed to take our child home in our car seat-less automobiles, so someone that already has a baby would have to come pick us up at the hospital. (Any volunteers?)

So when I say I’m getting impatient, I’m really referring to my excitement about just finally getting to meet this little urchin that’s been growing inside of me for the past six months. I can’t wait to hold and squeeze and smell and kiss our little baby, see what our little monkey looks like. =) I also wouldn’t mind not being pregnant anymore; my wardrobe is becoming quite stale, not to mention I hate getting dressed every day. I just want to wear yoga pants and a comfy bra and tank top every single day, please. I digress.

I know he or she needs to stay put for three more months. Honestly I don’t even want to go early, because I’d like to make it to my baby shower, which is planned for when I’ll be about 38 weeks pregnant. (Yea, I know, we’ll see if that happens.) So stay put little baby, don’t be getting any ideas! And if you promise to stay in there, I promise to actually have somewhere for you to sleep when you get out. If anything, I’ll try to have the dog’s bed washed.


Betsy said...

Remember my talk of the panic attack at Babies R Us? NO ONE shopped there for my showers. After the shower I went on to the registry to mark items fulfilled if they were purchased somewhere else. Everyone loves Target shopping, me included, but the in store selection is horrible!

I vowed to always go to Babies R Us for shower gifts if possible now, because we ended up with lots of great gifts that we really didn't need, and lots that we will still need to buy!

Oh, I seriously cannot get over the cuteness of those clothes you bought for Isla :) Looking at all of the tiny clothes makes me anxious for her arrival! I practiced the miracle blanket on my cabbage patch last night, so I'm good to go :)

We don't have a carseat either, and that stresses me out daily. You've still got plenty of time to get everything! I just might not wait for your 38 week shower for the carseat...that could be pushing it!

Lisa said...

I have grown to LOVE online shopping, though I have yet to do it for Target. I relish in my 20 minutes away from the office at lunch browsing through the aisles for things I don't really need. I'll have to check it out though - if they have that much more great stuff for baby, imagine what else they must have!

I can't wait to see what your little monkey looks like too!

Mandy said...

You are too funny! You are right Target doesn't have the biggest selection in the store but they have the essentials which is what you want everyone to buy anyways! If you get enough diapers that you don't have to buy them until the kid is almost a year old then you will have plenty of money to buy all the cute little outfits yourself!

And about Babies R Us - yes they have a lot more but they are more expensive. Example a 100 oz jug of Dreft there is $22.00 but at Walmart it is only $16! So maybe that is why some people avoid that store.

Can't wait to meet your little one... but he/she must wait until we are able to shower you with gifts so you are ready! Although I will say that as long as you wash the dog bed I think it is totally acceptable to use until a crib can be obtained!