Monday, June 15, 2009

Pregnant Lady Drama

I wrote what is written below last week on Wednesday afternoon, and never posted it, basically because I failed the Glucose screening test and pretty much had a minor meltdown in the wake of finding out. That day was like the worst day of my life. Actually, two days later, Friday, was probably worse, because that was the day I had to fast for 12 hours prior and take the 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test to determine whether or not I really did have Gestational Diabetes. I realize I’m a bit over-dramatic, but I was just so disappointed and scared and convinced that the test would come back abnormal, I would from here on be deemed a “high risk” pregnancy, my hopes of a natural birth with minimal interventions would be squashed, and I could look forward to nearly three months of counting carbs and meticulously planning out my meals. Anyway, I was a wreck, and really embarrassed for some reason, so I didn’t really tell anyone except Dan, and then Lisa and Betsy when we had lunch Friday afternoon.

Well, today I got the call from my Midwife (I had to wait ALL WEEKEND LONG for the results… torture.) The test came back totally normal and my blood sugar is just fine, so no stupid Gestational Diabetes. That call was such a relief. Thus, my advice to all pregnant ladies is, whether they tell you to or not, fast for the 1-hour screening test, for a full 12 hours. Don’t even drink coffee (I did) or chew gum (I did). Because while the 3-hour test is obviously not fun, the worst part about it all is not knowing, stressing, feeling totally alone, and being scared to even eat the tiny little fresh peach sitting on your desk.

Last Wednesday’s rambling…

So I literally just finished drinking that nasty glucose orange drink, and I’m sitting and waiting my one hour in the doctor’s office waiting room (listening to the woman just two seats away from me hack and cough like she’s about to die, lovely). I am feeling kind of miserable actually. I made my appointment last week and, per usual, went for something in the afternoon so that I could be in the office for a relatively normal work day and just get in the rest of my hours from home after seeing the doctor.

Well, as I was hanging up with the nurse, I asked if there was anything I could do to try to prevent a false positive screening result. I had read that it’s very common to get a false positive, and I’d love to avoid having to come in for a 3-hour test only to determine that I do not have gestational diabetes. Anyway, she decided to inform me then that some would advise that you fast for 12 hours before the test, but their office didn’t necessarily make that recommendation. Since I get all awkward and ridiculous and nervous when I’m on the phone with grown-ups (shut up) I just sort of thanked her and ended the phone call. I decided I would fast, but the implications of fasting for 12 hours before a 2:00 PM appointment didn’t really sink in right away. Clearly I should have called right back and changed my appointment when they did, but of course I didn’t do that, because I so rarely do things that I should do. I made the executive decision that 8 hours of fasting would be good enough, so I did have a bagel and yogurt this morning at 6:00. Still, this is the longest I’ve gone without eating since, well, definitely since before I was pregnant. So here I am, STARVING, a bit shaky even, and burping that disgusting orange drink that I had to down in 3 minutes… just waiting for my hour to be up. Also, I noticed on the drive over that my cell phone is completely dead. I hate feeling all disconnected from the world. Dan is going to be annoyed with me when he tries to call.

What an annoying day. And all I can think about now is what I’m going to have for “lunch” at 3:45 PM after I finally get out of here. Hmm… I am totally getting something good, maybe something from D’Amico’s down the street.*

Goodness, I apologize for my rambling, I’m just trying to make this time go faster.

I’m going to go pee, maybe that will do it.

*I definitely didn’t go get something good to eat after my appointment, because frankly, I was freaking out that I might have Gestational Diabetes and didn’t want to eat anything with too many carbs or sugar. Also, I was sobbing the entire drive home… so yea. Lame, I know.


Mandy said...

That is very scary buddy, I am glad it all came back okay and you don't have to worry about this anymore! I can't believe you are already at this point in your pregnancy... it seems to be going by so fast (of course I am not the one pregnant so I can say that)! Hang in there and have a great week... hopefully it will be a lot less stressful!

Lisa said...

Having to wait the whole weekend is evil - someone should talk to your midwife about making weekend calls in necessary situations such as these! I'm SO glad it all ended up ok - I knew it would.