Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm REALLY pregnant right now.

Ugh, I can’t believe I’m such a slacker that I’ve gone a month without posting. A month, during the last weeks of my pregnancy, when SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! I’m 37 weeks today. Seriously, how did that happen? Anyway, so we’ll go through some things real quick like just for the sake of, well, documentation I guess…
  • Belly growth is getting out of hand. It is huge, it is a torpedo, even some of my maternity clothes are starting to get uncomfortable and too small. I totally have to watch out for the belly sticking out underneath my shirt so friends, family, coworkers, and strangers don’t have to see my gross stretch marks. Yup, I have stretch marks on my underbelly, and they are ugly and unsightly, but I am trying to just make peace with them. Hopefully they go away some day, and if not, seriously, who the heck needs to see my bare midriff anymore? It may be time to toss the bikinis and go tankini or (horror!) one-piece. Whatever, amazingly, right now, I just don’t care that much. Much more important things to worry about right?
  • Baby is head-down and getting ready for birth, and I am thankful for that. Still don’t think he or she has dropped though, because I still feel massive pressure on my ribs and chest and so far no fire crotch. (TMI?)
  • Both of my pregnant friends have had their baby girls! I feel sort of left out of the club now, like before we were all in this together, talking weight gain and registries, birth classes, maternity clothes, nursery décor, constipation, and heartburn. Now they have their babies, all snuggly and girly, and I am still in the weird limbo time when I really don’t care all that much about that pregnancy stuff anymore and I just want my baby too! I’m trying to be patient though, because it could be 2 days, or it could be 4 weeks, I just don’t know. On the other hand, I still feel like I have massive amounts of things I still need to do before the baby’s arrival, and I don’t actually want him or her to come in 2 days because that is just WAY TOO SOON!
  • We haven’t packed the hospital bags yet, but I’ve got a list, and have done the necessary shopping. So there’s that. Stress.
  • Speaking of other things that I have not done… I am completely not prepared at work to just be gone any day now. There is so much that needs to be done/organized/prepped before I go on maternity leave, which will be when I make my way to the hospital… so yea. Stress.
  • I ordered some nursing bras online yesterday, and am really feeling like pinpointing the size of your boobs post-baby, post-milk coming in, is a total shot in the dark. It stressed me out a bit, there’s so much conflicting info out there, as to what size you should order, which are the best, etc. So I got a few nursing tanks and one bra, all in the size that is 1-2 cup sizes bigger than what I’m in now, and I’m hoping they work. It’s just something I really wanted to get a jump start on before the baby was born, but I have a tendency to go overboard trying to over-plan for things that you just can’t plan for. It’s just that I am so committed to making this breastfeeding thing work, and I feel like if there’s anything I can do right now that might help make it easier and less stressful later, I want to do it. Speaking of boobs, I have been having tons of dreams about breastfeeding lately. They’re very real, and in them the whole nursing thing is like old hat, and both I and the baby have figured things out just perfectly. I’m always surprised when I wake up and I don’t have my baby laying there right with me, nursing. Hopefully these dreams are a good sign.
  • The big wedding of the summer has happened, my brother is married, everything was beautiful, I fit into my bridesmaid dress, and I did not cause some sort of scene by fainting up by the alter during the ceremony. Everything went just fine. I did make Dan stop 5 times to use the bathroom on the drive to Milwaukee, and he was a total peach about it. He was actually patient, sweet, and perfect with me the whole weekend, even going so far as to try to hunt down an Ulta or a Sephora in Milwaukee so that he could buy for me the foundation that I hadn’t realized I had run out of until after we had left town. For his wonderfulness, I only made him stop once on the way home. ;) Though that was completely out of my hands, baby must have been situated quite differently in relation to my bladder on that trip. Strange.
  • Sleep has become the bane of my existence. I am so tired of it, and I hate how much work it is to turn over or go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If I try to move too quickly, I get these sharp pains in my belly, and it’s so hard to maneuver around the 267 pillows I have propped up around me to support my massiveness. If only I had a little bell and houseboy to help with my middle-of-the-night maneuvering. Instead, poor Dan wakes up 5 times a night to my huffing and puffing, prompting him to ask me if I’m ok, prompting a response of, “Oh I’m fine, I’m just trying to reach this sheet that has become trapped underneath me at the end of the bed…”
  • The nursery is pretty much done, last night we picked up the sheets and crib skirt we were having made by a family friend, so we have those to get washed and put on the crib, and a few little things to hang, and we’re sort of all set! I need to take pictures now while it still looks how it was intended, because I doubt it’ll be nearly as organized and cute when there is an actual baby around to mess it all up with his or her spit up and poop and dirty clothes. ;)
  • Last but not least, we think we finally have our baby names picked out, though we keep going back and forth about how to deal with the boy’s name. Basically, the problem is that we have this name that we LOVE, but it is sort of a nick name. Unfortunately we don’t really like any of the “formal” names that it could be derived from. Do we give our son a formal name that we never ever ever intend to use, or do we just give him the name that we would plan on calling him, the name that we both agree we love? I’m torn. If it was something like Daniel/Dan or Michael/Mike, clearly we’d go with the formal name for the birth certificate… but the name we like is not that simple and clear-cut. The formal name is a bit strange, a name that people would be like, “Huh? You’re naming him what? Oh, that’s a nickname for THAT?” I don’t know, we’ll see. I still have a different boy’s name altogether that I love just as much, but between the two names, it’s really a matter of choosing one that I love and Dan only sort of likes, or one that we both love. So it seems like a no-brainer. Thankfully, the girl name was much easier and we are not feeling at all wishy-washy about it, which means that if everyone who keeps telling me I’m having a girl is right, we are stressing for nothing.


Mandy said...

Wow that was quite an update! I still can't believe you are 37 weeks, that little guy or girl could be here anyday now. I had so many things to comment on but I think I will go to the name one - go with name you really like and the name you will call him! Why does he need a formal name if you will never ever use it! My mom did that to me (only becuase it was my great grandmas name) but they never used my 'real' from day one! Anyways, enjoy these last couple days/weeks. Can't wait to meet your little one.

Liz said...

I agree with Mandy! No one has ever called me Elizabeth, unless it's the first day of some sort of class. It drove me nuts because I had to correct them every single time.

I can't wait until your baby arrives! Hopefully it will be sooner than later!

Allie said...

Hang in there!!!

I totally wanted nursing bras ahead of time - my boobs were ginormous at first but after a couple of weeks went down and now I am maybe a cup larger at most and back to original ribcage. The first week or two I lived in summer dresses with surplice necklines and nursing pads shoved in there. :) You will do GREAT!

And my husband's cousin named her son Finneas purely because she wanted to call him Finn. And he has been Finn for 2 years (even at preschool) and we never call him or write Finneas.