Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This glorious fall

Fall.  It has been extraordinarily wonderful, right?  Well we've certainly made an effort to get out and enjoy it as much as possible.  Trying not to think about the season that awaits us...

At the cabin in Wisconsin

The "Men" building the deck.

Playing nicely (sometimes) with cousins.

Home and around town









And this past weekend, it was the

We rode through Osceola to the train depot on this awesome bus.  Gus was pretty insanely excited.

And then we told him he got to ride on THIS!

Always trying to get away in pictures with mom.

And the hay bale maze was the best thing yet, surprisingly!  He ran through that thing, grinning, about 30 times.


Freckles said...

looks like a fabulous fall, if you ask me! so much fun! Also, when did Dan shave his head?!? Crazy!

val said...

I was surprised his hair was so short too when he came to the door tonight and was prepared to not be a fan.

But it really flatters his eyes, those gorgeous eyes, and how white his teeth are.

It's okay. love, Val

alicia said...

He made me shave it on Friday night! Decided to embrace the "hair loss" situation that's going on. ;) I think it looks pretty good. Agree on the eyes thing Val.

Mandy said...

I think he looks good too with a shaved head - he can totally pull it off! Love the pictures and good thing you got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather becuase it looks like winter weather is right around the corner.

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Hey, Just came over from Navigating the Mothership - had to comment after I saw your profile, fellow Leo... I also don't understand the morning people, and am the same way with cooking, crafts, and exercise...all mostly things I only imagine my ideal self doing!

Angela said...

Great pictures! I love the one with Gus in the tree