Friday, March 09, 2012

Bath Time

I gave Louie a bath this morning and decided I needed to finally step up my mom game and get a few photos of his glorious rolls and buddha belly.  Oh how I yearn for the warm summer months when I can take in his deliciousness every single day, and dress him in little striped short-sleeved bodysuits and puny short-talls that barely cover his diaper.  But alas, it is March, and I continue to pile on the layers every morning, something it seems I'm almost instinctively driven to do as a mother of an infant. 

Really at this point it's pretty ridiculous how overdressed this child is, because as we get to know each other better, I'm finding out that he is quite warm-blooded.  He gets uncomfortable when dressed in cozy fleece, breaks out in a heat rash covering his whole body after being worn in a wrap on a walk in fifty degree weather, and comes out of the car seat a sweaty mess after even just a few minutes of shrieking on the way to grandma's.

Still, I can't seem to stop myself.  "But what if he gets cold!"


Behold, my fifteen pound two month-old.  I mean look at him, is there anything more beautiful than a baby in his birthday suit?  I think no.  And there quite likely will be no other time in his life when his rolls and butt dimples and double chins will be celebrated and gushed over.  So we must make sure to stop and do so while these things are still admirable.  

Oh my goodness he is just so sweet, those big blue eyes kill me dead.


He locked eyes with me throughout his bath this morning and I can't help wonder what he's thinking.  I'd love to see the world through his eyes.  I wonder if he loves me as much as I love him, it just doesn't seem possible.  


val said...

Oh gosh, I'm such a baby over-dresser I totally understand how hard it is to believe the child is plenty warm enough.

Don't want no freezin' cold babies, no.

And him? He's just luscious and gorgeous, and I loved holding him while he slept tonight.

And loves you? He thinks he IS part of you. Or you are part of him. (I think Gus still thinks this to some extent, lol.)

Time for bed. I hope you're all sound asleep. love, Val

Freckles said...

Okay, that chubby little boy is just too much to handle!!!!!! So flippin' cute!

Erin said...

oh, man, so adorable. Love it!

(Evie gets sweaty, too. We've given up on the snowsuit in the carseat...but the huge blanket is still in there!)

Betsy said...

He is so cute, buddy. Seriously. I want to eat him.