Monday, July 30, 2012

A sicky weekend

Ahh man this weekend has been brutal.

Okay, it started out with so much promise.  Well, it started out annoying, but once I "gave in" a little, things felt promising.  On Friday afternoon, after nearly two hours of trying to get Gus to nap, I finally just said, "screw it".  Let's go to the pool.  We had a lovely time with Dan's mom and the kids, and I forgot about how annoying it was that for Gus insisted on singing songs and reciting stories and throwing toys and pillows down the stairs, rather than napping.

Yes, toddler naps are going to be the death of me.

So the boys and I met my mother-in-law and kids at the pool, and it was lovely.  That was the promising part.  Gus had fun traipsing through the water and stealing other children's toys and gave me looks as if to say, "See mom, this is waaay better than napping, why couldn't we have just done this an hour ago?"

Anyway, fun afternoon.  And no nap meant actually went to sleep at an early hour and Dan and I could have a few hours of "us" time once Louie was asleep.

Well, Louie of course didn't go to sleep early, but that's okay.  Finally around 8:45 the children were both officially taken care of and we decided to order a movie on Demand.

A MOVIE!! We seriously never watch movies!  I was so excited.

And then.

We started the movie.  Didn't even get through the credits...

Gus woke up pissed at about 9:15, and Dan went up there to investigate.  I listened on the monitor and when it sounded like things were seriously NOT GOOD, I ventured up there.  Gus was just inconsolable, acting insane, rambling about nonsense and monsters and saying, "I sorry mommy, I sorry!" and screaming and choking on his own phlegm and acting completely ridiculous.  Poor thing.  He was just not right.

Then he started vomiting.  Just a little bit, we were thinking, maybe he was just having a night terror, and we interrupted, and he was puking just because all the crying was making him cough and choke?

I asked him what was wrong, did he not feel good?  What hurt?  Tell mama what hurts?

He just continued to wail and hug me and then vomited some more.  Oh no.

After clean-up and new pajamas and a new comforter we laid him back down.  I stayed with him until he fitfully fell asleep, and we finished (started & watched) the movie when I got downstairs nearly an hour later.  

Just as the movie finished, way past the point in time that we would have normally gone to sleep, he woke up again.  So Dan just kissed me good night and said see you tomorrow, resolving to spend the evening tending to the sick toddler, while I spent the evening nursing a baby who still definitely wakes up pretty often.

The next morning it was clear things were just, really not okay with poor Gus.  He camped out in the basement watching movies on the couch and would barely touch his drinks, let along breakfast.  Then immediately after I got some tylenol in him, the excruciating process of which made him super upset, he just threw up everything he had eaten the other day.  It was horrible.  

He was so sick, pitiful actually.  He spent the whole day feverish and achy, watching movies on the couch and eating popsicles.   I cancelled my birthday lunch and shopping date with my friend Lisa and tended to his every need all day, forcing Tylenol down his throat every four hours to keep the fever down.  Mid-day he started complaining that he was "choking" which we took to mean his throat was hurting.  Ugh, just really, there's not much we can do about that.  Poor thing.  

There is nothing worse than a helpless child sick and hurting.  Really. I suppose if we had been sick at the same time, that would have been worse.  But still.  Just breaks my heart.

So that is how I spent my Saturday, and most of our Sunday, my 31st birthday.  Dang.  

We had to cancel yesterday's trip to Como with friends.  All in all, just no fun at all.  Super big drag of a weekend.  

He was definitely on the mend yesterday, we even walked to the park in the evening and he was running and  laughing and acting like kind of a jerky toddler, so we can tell he's doing better.  And he's eaten some real food!  An apple, and then cake later, when Dan surprised me with this lovely little homemade cake he and Gus whipped up while Louie and I snuck out for my cousin's Bridal shower in the afternoon. 

So friends, cross your fingers and pray my little baby doesn't get this sickness, and hope the same for Dan and me.  Such a bummer.  



Lisa said...

Fingers are crossed!

Berbs33 said...

Hoping the sickness is gone, that is no way to spend a beautiful weekend. And that cake is awesome... Dan should reconsider his career choice! Happy late Birthday!

val said...

It sounds intense, and POOR confused Gus, terrible when kids are sick and don't understand.

But the picture? I love it. You don't look 31. You look like a teenager, and Louie is just all kinds of luscious, and you know my heart melts for Gus in Little Jay and James' old hanna andersson stripes.

See you tomorrow. love you, Val

Mama in the City said...

Sick children are really heart breaking aren't they? Our last big sickness with our son was when the baby was 6 weeks old. I was so scared that the baby would pick up his sickness! Oh the anxiety and stress!! Hope your boy is on the mend and back to his usual antics.

Erin said...

So sad!! Happy birthday and love that pic you got with your adorable boys.