Monday, July 02, 2012

Teeth and Avocado

My little blue-eyed Michelin man is doing a number of new things lately.  

First and foremost, food!  Baby Louie is already eating food!  I say "already", but really, the kid is 6 months old, some might say, "It's about time mama!"

We were honestly in no hurry, and I think that's okay.  Clearly the kid has been growing just fine on breast milk alone, and I know from experience that this milestone, while exciting, is also one more thing to fit into the daily routine.

Anyway, it is about that time, so we're doing it, a little reluctantly.  I would never wish away my kid's babyhood but I do sort of wish we could skip over the pureed food part and jump right into table food.  It gets so much easier when you can just give them bits of whatever it is you're eating.  I know that I'm basically describing the baby-led weaning method of introducing solids, but multiple intense gagging incidents have scared me away from fully embracing that philosophy, not to mention that I am a really impatient person and have a hard time not getting involved and letting my baby 100% feed himself.  I can't seem to stop myself from sticking a spoon in the kid's mouth!  

Totally just a personal preference thing.  

So yeah, slowly but surely, we'll do this thing...

...starting with avocado.  I also made and froze some sweet potato puree, and we've done mashed up bananas and pears.  The little guy also really loves gnawing on peaches and different types of melon in one of those mesh feeder things (probably one of my favorite modern baby contraptions).

I tried to get a picture of  his teeth, but he's a squirmy little guy.  I took this picture weeks ago, they're much bigger and more prominent these days.  Stick your finger in his mouth AT YOUR OWN RISK!  

Squirmy... and HAPPY!  SO HAPPY!

How cute is this?  Gus is reading Louie a book here, totally unprompted by his mother, I was so happy that my camera was sitting right there on my bedside table.  So darn cute.  Yay for brothers!

Next up... crawling!  No not quite, but this weekend he started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking.  Gracious me, I'm not sure I'm ready for him to be mobile, I thought I'd have at least another month before I'd have to worry about that, but I'm guessing he's anxious to be able keep up with his big brother.

Now I'm off to start taking inventory of all the "little pieces" toys that we might need to put away for a while, or at least quarantine to Gus's room.  I have a feeling this increased mobility stage will be challenging in a very different way the second time around.    


Navigating the Mothership said...

The stripey brothers picture is a keeper for sure :)

Berbs33 said...

That brother pictures melts my heart! And Congrats on the teeth Louis... soon you will be enjoying steak with the rest of us!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, great picture of the two at the end! Matching stripes and all.

Can't believe Louie is 6 months old already and teething... and just when I think he couldn't possibly get any cuter, he DOES! I must see your kids pronto.

Julia said...

Love these boys . And um, thank you SO much for the wisdom of your comment on my blog. I seriously needed to hear all of it and plan to make my hubby read it tonight. I feel like we can get through this challenge of the bottle and like you said, there will always be something else in the future. But I needed to hear that I have to stop stressing about it on maternity leave because it will really work out somehow. Thank you lady!!