Sunday, October 07, 2012

Gus rides a horse

We got out last weekend and went to an apple orchard just outside of town.  Ben and Michelle and my parents joined us, proving again how lucky we are to have so much family around, family that clearly love my kids enough to do stuff like this.  It was on my fall "to do" list and the weather ended up being absolutely gorgeous, like in the 80's, so I'm glad we finally fit it in.

It was fun, though excursions like this one are a bit more complicated with a newly "potty trained" toddler.  I spent way more time than I would have liked in the steaming hot porta-potties, and then when that didn't work, hiding behind trees, encouraging (begging) Gus to do his business.  Gross to the max.

2012_10-04 196

Anyway, it was fun to do something we did last year and really take stock of how much has changed in one short year.  Of course, obviously, this year we have Louie, and last year I was all round and pregnant.

Proof.  Oh how I DO NOT miss my maternity wardrobe and puffiness.  Just looking at those jeans is causing me post-traumatic stress.

Gus is just, like, a KID now.  It's weird, because last year I totally thought he was a kid too, you know? He was my big grown up two-year-old. And now he's THREE.  Life's a trip.

Gus Orchard 2011 2012

Gus at the apple orchard, then and now.

A few things were different, a few the same.  First of all, this place, Apple Jack Orchards has majorly commercialized itself since last year.  I'm not necessarily complaining, it was somewhat fun to have more things for Gus to be able to experience, but also when I think about it, we could have probably done without the jumping pillow and the corn pit and have been just fine.  Gus would have been happy looking at the chickens for three hours, which is something I also remember from last year.  Loves those chickens.  So random.

Yeah, so it was really really really busy, insane amounts of people.  Last year it was a little later in the year and it was a dreary, somewhat drizzling day, so we had the place to ourselves.

My absolute favorite part of the day was Gus getting up on a horse!  Well, pony.  I couldn't believe it.  Last year he said he wanted to, we waited in line a bit, handed the guy our $4 (insane!) and then when it was time for him to get up on the animal he freaked out.  Flailing, screaming, no amount of convincing or bribing would have gotten him up on that thing.  Whatevs, no big deal, the guy was nice enough to give us our money back and we went on our way.

2012_10-04 203

Well this year, Gus rode that pony like a boss. He was so freaking proud of himself it sort of made my heart hurt.  Adorable.

2012_10-04 208

That's my family in the background, just after doing the paparazzi thing with their cell phones.  We were all SHOCKED that he really did it.

2012_10-04 178

CHICKENS!!!!  Seriously, we had to drag him away from the chickens when it started to get old for the rest of us, including Louie.

2012_10-04 187

2012_10-04 183

2012_10-04 175

2012_10-04 177

Gus Train 2011

Last year we had to ask a dude to get the Cow Train going, and Gus was the only one on the "ride".  About half way around the field Gus started standing up in his car, so the guy driving stopped and went back and got him, and sat the little guy right down next to him for the ride back.

Cow Train 2011 2

I watched all this from across the field and nearly had a heart attack feeling so helpless and worrying that he was scared.

Gus 2011 Cow Train

Pretty sure he just got bored, particularly since there were no other kids, because he certainly seemed pleased with himself sitting up front in the tractor when he got back.

2012_10-04 211

This year was a little different.  A ridiculous line for the train and Gus threw a few tantrums while waiting.

2012_10-04 212

And he stayed seated.

2012_10-04 214

Later, while Gus jumped/sat on the giant inflated pillow thing, I brought Louie to the corn pit.

instagram corn pit louie

And when he wouldn't stop trying to put the corn in his mouth, my brother had the GENIUS idea to take off his socks and put them on his hands.  Genius I tell you.

2012_10-04 242

Exhibiting such smart thinking gives me no qualms about his future dad abilities.  (Have I mentioned my brother and his wife are having a baby in March?!!  YAY!)

2012_10-04 227

2012_10-04 236

2012_10-04 225

Louie and Gus liked the corn pit alright.  I, however, did not.  The dust from the flailing children made it hard to breath, it hurt my feet, and piles of it ended up in my underpants.  Not cool.

Before we left we had lunch by the river (apple donuts for the win!) and then waited in line again for Gus to ride a pony again.  Oh, and attempted to thwart Gus's multiple attempts to seclude himself to poop his pants.  And then another trip to the porta-potty, and lots of, "I don't have to go!"  Good times.

2012_10-04 243

Seriously, he was thinking about doing it here, when he accidentally photo-bombed Ben and Michelle.

2012_10-04 252

He's a natural.  

See you next year Apple Jack Orchards!  Gus will be 4, Louie nearly 2, and Ben and Michelle will have a six month old!  Craziness.  Can't wait.


val said...

Me either!! I love this. Oh my goodness. love all of you so very, very much, Val

Erin said...

Ooh, so fun! We still need to make it to an orchard... love this annual tradition!