Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's do this, fall

We are reeeally making an effort this fall, more-so, I'm finding myself obsessed with making the most of this beautiful yet short season.

That means that even though most days I look like this:


(Tired, un-showered, possibly stinky, literally willing my eyes to stay open after a night of dealing with a baby who refuses to go back to sleep for more than an hour after waking at 2:00 AM)

I am still able to rally, all in the name of fall-is-awesome-and-super-fun-with-little-children-and-some-day-I'll-be-able-to-sleep-again-so-we-WILL-go-make-some-memories-and-WE-WILL-LOVE-IT.

Fist pump!

So this weekend we went to the pumpkin patch, and there were photo opps aplenty and loads of cuteness to go around.

My plans were not going to be ruined by a little drizzle.  Even though Saturday's weather was pretty gross across the board, it magically stopped raining mere minutes after arriving at our destination.  Thus despite the overcast skies and the muddy ground we had a great time wandering around and picking out the perfect pumpkins.  
2012_10-14 016

Gus immediately went over to this little pile of pumpkins on display and sat down to cheese for us.  I was blown away by such an un-Gus-like cooperative attitude toward having his picture taken.  And then he patted the pumpkin next to him and said, "Louie, come sit here!"

I die.  

2012_10-14 020

Instead I handed over the camera for once so it could be documented for the future by something other than the self-portraits on my phone that I was around during my kids' childhood.  ;)

2012_10-14 021

HA!  The boys look unsure of being photographed with Ben and Michelle here.  

2012_10-14 023

The baby-blue head-to-toe look was not on purpose.  Louie had fun at the pumpkin patch but for most of it he really really really wanted to get DOWN in the mud.  Ugh.  I forget sometimes how much wrestling is involved on outings like this with a not-yet-walking-but-fully-mobile-baby.

2012_10-14 030

Dan steered Gus towards the pumpkins we wanted, it's nice that he doesn't have strong opinions about things like that yet.  

2012_10-14 034

We picked up some little gourds as well, thought it could be a fun project for our artsy and motivated nanny to do with the kids.  ;)

2012_10-14 036

Gus really loves this tower of pumpkins, and of course was obsessed with trying to rip it down.  Photo-op is redeemed by Louie's utter adorable-ness.  

Last Year

He was equally distracted last year when I tried to get a picture with him and the strange pumpkin totum-poll thing.  Some things do not change.

2012_10-14 043

The owner guy said OF COURSE! he can get up on the tractor, and even pulled out a towel to wipe down the seat.  Then, as if knowing the child he was dealing with, he pulled something off the tractor and pressed some button disabling the starter, "just in case."  

This guy clearly has known a few 3-year-olds in his lifetime.

2012_10-14 050

Just wait you two.  NEXT YEAR! you will have your own squishy baby to wrestle. 

2012_10-14 061

2012_10-14 065

2012_10-14 074

Both children were too interested in the corn to acknowledge their mother and her annoying camera.  I chose to share this one because I love that they both have the same expression of irritation/boredom/indifference with my "CHEESE!" antics.

2012_10-14 092

2012_10-14 086

Gus and Uncle Ben exploring.

2012_10-14 097

Found a good one!

2012_10-14 107

2012_10-14 117


Erin said...

I'm inspired! Despite being exhausted, we still get out a lot - it helps us to not just sit there and wallow in being tired I Guess :) BUT we haven't made it to a pumpkin patch OR apple orchard and I don't know if we'll be able to - I wanted to last weekend too but didn't feel like braving the rain... and then Ben's gone next weekend... so we'll see if the weather holds up the last weekend of October, but by then everything is pretty done! I just want to go for the activities though, not really so much for the pumpkins I guess.

Those boys of yours really are just so adorable.

Jo said...

Kids and pictures - I feel like I sometimes take a million pictures to be able to capture one good one.

Love Gus' hat. And it's amazing to see how much kids grow in a year. Love seeing the comparison picture of Gus next to the tower of pumpkins.

Andrea @ Mama in the City said...

Yes, I find that it is so true...when you are feeling in a tired rut don't laze around at home. Getting out and forcing yourself to have a good time is always a better idea!! Plus those boys of yours are really stinking cute.

Berbs33 said...

Love the pictures. Pumpkin Patches and Apple Orchards are my favorite things about fall (well and raking giant piles of leaves and jumping into them)!! If she does some fun artsy craft with this little pumpkins let me know cause we got a bunch of those last weekend at the pumpkin patch and could love to do something fun with them!

Navigating the Mothership said...

We need to do this, too, in spite of the tired, sick, blah blah.

I have such a love of fall activities and drinking hot cider and it's all just so g-d cozy!

Heather said...

Your boys are just so dang adorable. And it's nice to see you get in there, too! We have the opposite problem - my husband's always behind the lens and criticizes my picture taking skills when I aim at getting him in there.