Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Oh sweet summer, I am ready for you!

Last night was Dan’s softball team’s first game of the season, which for me, kind of signals the beginning of summer. Unfortunately, the beginning of summer last night came with a treacherously chilly wind and a freezing 43 degree temperature. Too cold, I tell you, to be sitting at a softball field for more than two hours! Poor little Bella was shivering like crazy and had to be wrapped tightly in my blanket and snuggled for the first game’s entirety. This, consequently, left my shivering body minus one comfy blanket.

And I wasn’t even planning on going to go to the game, but the gorgeous sun was deceiving, and spoke to me as soon as I walked out of my dreary office building at 4:30 PM. It said, “Look, I’m all shining and gorgeous, and you’ve been stuck in the land of perpetual grayness all day, plus you can wear your new sunglasses and imagine you’re Audrey Hepburn!” So, I listened to the not to be trusted sun, and ignored the unpleasant and nippy wind that had scraped at my face on my way to the car.

So this week is a short one, as I will be leaving this summer-tease of a state early Friday morning for what I hope will be a warm and sun-drenched (not to mention alcohol infused!) weekend in Florida. It will actually be my first real vacation with just the girls, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am! I can’t wait to see you Miss-Bride-To-Be Kate!

My mouth’s incessant need to yawn and my eyes’ incessant need to water are telling me that it is time for a coffee break, so I must be off. Let’s hope something interesting happens during my trek to the cafeteria to bring a little hop-kick-step to this dull dull day. Or maybe the cafeteria lady with a lisp will break out into an inspired song and dance routine right on the salad bar. That would definitely be a pick-me-up!

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