Monday, January 30, 2006


Yea, ok, so it’s been a while. I’ve just been really lazy lately, I’m feeling kind of, I don’t know, hum-drum about my life. You see, I’ve got this routine going, and I like it, but it doesn’t leave me with very many fantastically entertaining stories for this here blog. I’m going to try to update on what’s been happening though here, get you all up to speed on my ultra-fascinating life.

* I have to put this one first, because it is so incredibly amazing, and I just simply can’t handle my excitement. My husband and I have acquired something that has altered the course our lives forever, something that I’ve been lusting after for more than a year. Yes, we got Tivo. [Halleluiah Chorus sounds, trumpets ablaze.] Well not really Tivo, per se, DVR through our cable company, which is the same thing, only better and cheaper.

* I’m throwing another baby shower, this time for my sister-in-law, in just three weeks and I’m feeling a little stressed and admittedly over-committed and I would love it if I could have our little TV room painted by then (we finally bought a rug this weekend) but that seems completely impossible. I don’t know, I need to come up with a cute h’ourderves menu for the party and I really want it to be classy and sort of like an “afternoon tea” kind of event. So I would of course appreciate suggestions, recipes, help of any kind really, although I’m kind of anal when it comes to throwing parties, and I need everything to go with everything and have been known to get really bossy. Wow, not painting a pretty picture of myself here am I?

* On my day off on Friday I died my hair. Yea, for the first time in my life, I am a brunette. Kinda crazy, a lot darker than I had anticipated, but I like it. My biggest anxiety was coming into work today, because obviously it is EXTREMELY different, and that kind of attention freaks me out a little. So far, the two ladies in nearby offices have complimented me on it, and my boss has said, “So… ah… what happened to your hair?” I’m pretty sure that was neither positive, nor negative, just the honest reaction of an over-fifty year-old man. It made me chuckle.

* My mom and I saw Casanova for $2 at the cheap theater yesterday afternoon, and actually really enjoyed it. It was total fluff, but Heath Ledger has got the whole boyish charm thing down pat, and it made for a fun little brainless movie excursion. Exactly what I was looking for. I also finally watched that Jennifer Love Hewitt ABC Family movie that I had recorded a few weeks ago. I am such a lame-ass, I was totally Mrs. Weepy McWeeperson for more than half the movie. Jennifer Love Hewitt did what she does best, which is acting as annoyingly cutesy as possible, and she was able to sneak in two whole scenes where she was romping around in men’s underwear doing her pouty, “I’m sexy in an attainable way because I’m wearing my boyfriend’s white boxer-briefs and aren’t I so the girl next door?” look. Somehow, with all that, I enjoyed the movie, because that’s the kind of sappy weak-minded girl I am.

* I finally started listening to the Natasha Bedingfield CD I got for Christmas and I am loving it to pieces. I urge you to check it out because it is pure girlie pop goodness. I’ve been playing tracks 5 and 13 on repeat here at work all morning.

* We had a game night on Friday night with the whole college group, and it was a blast. Angela was sweet enough to offer up her apartment for the evening (and by the way buddy, your place looks so great, it really has turned into a beautiful cozy home, I am so in love with everything you have done!) My team won our marathon game of Cranium, many thanks going to Lisa’s uncanny ability to draw realistic chickens with her eyes closed. It was a great night, so fun to get everyone together, it really goes without saying how much I love all my amazing friends.

* My little brother was in town with his girlfriend about a week ago, and Dan and I had a great time having them around. Michelle is so sweet, and slowly coming out of her shell around the family, I’m really happy for Ben. He also did the impossible by getting Dan and I in an actual bar for the first time in I don’t know how long. I miss that whole “scene” and have decided I really need to start venturing back out there before I become an old woman. Before I know it, it will be babies and diapers, Bob the Builder birthday parties and potty-training charts, and then science projects and soccer games. While I look forward to all that, I need to start taking advantage of the fact that I am a fabulous twenty-something woman with a fabulous husband and fabulous friends, living in the fabulous city of Minneapolis. So from now on it’s Martinis, trendy bars, and dancing until wee hours of the morning. (Ten bucks says I’m back to being a home-body in less than a week.)

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