Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I am severely lacking in the motivation department today. I've been so busy at work for the past week and a half, that I think I've hit rock bottom. I had a big project that had this morning as a deadline. Of course I finished it, but now that that huge feeling of relief has washed over me, I am absolutely dreading the thought of starting on the rest of my "To Do List". So while I should be working, instead, since my meeting this morning ended, I have been finding less constructive things to pass the time here at work. Wow, I wish it was a 4 day week, then I could at least pretend it was Thursday and the week was almost over. Oh well.

The fall weather has been so beautiful, I am trying very hard to take every opportunity I have to enjoy it! I have lived in Minnesota too long (my entire life) to know that it won't last long.

So D. and I have been thinking about getting a dog lately. As a sort of "trial-run" we dog-sat for my Aunt and Uncle's sheltie puppy while they were in California for a week. I'm proud to say that I think it went very well! My biggest challenge over the past couple months with D. has been what kind of dog to get. I have wanted to have my own sheltie for as long as I remember, as my parents have had our 12 year old sheltie since she was 4 years old, and she is just the sweetest thing ever. Well, wouldn't you know, D. has been bit by one dog in his life, and it just had to be a sheltie, so it is safe to say that he has taken a pretty resistant stance on bringing that specific breed into our family! Well, I'm hoping and guessing his disposition has changed in the past week, because I saw how much he loved our little house guest Tia. And now that we have been dog-less for two days, I think it is safe to say that it feels like there's something missing in our home!

I mean how could anyone resist
this adorable face?

And I promise they're just as cute when
they're older!

My struggle for a sheltie is definitely not over yet!


twenty something said...

I like Sheltie's too. Keep on fighting for it!

Laura said...

oh man, that sheltie pup pick is sooo cute!! It took me 10 years...YEARS to convince my dad to let me get a dog, but I finally broke him...and then one year later I moved away for college :( That dog still loves me the best though!

I wish I had a dog here, but with all the traveling I do, it wouldnt be fair. Definitely get a dog if you can, they are wonderful and only enrich your life.