Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Girl Power

So yea, there's no way I can catch you up on the last month of blog truancy, so I'll just pretend that it didn't happen. I will ignore the fact that I never blogged about my ridiculously relaxing trip to Vegas, or my very wonderful Valentines day filled with waaaay too much chocolate and champagne, take-out Italian by candlelight, and snuggling up to the greatest husband in the world to watch Under the Tuscan Sun (without any snide remarks for the entire duration of the movie!). A lot has been going on over the past month, including the hospitalizing and later death of a very special family member. But you don't really want to hear about that, and I don't really want to talk about it. So like I said, let's pretend that I wasn't mysteriously absent for an entire month, and just move on to more important matters.

Let's talk about ABC Family movies. Where do these movies come from, why are they made, and why am I so drawn to their horribly predictable plot-lines and cliché characters? I spent a very good portion of my weekend watching these movies, although my husband would say I WASTED a very good portion of my weekend watching these movies. On Saturday I came upon the showing of "
See Jane Date" starring the lovely Charisma Carpenter and Holly Marie Combs, two of my most favorite C-list WB actresses. I was so disappointed when I had to leave for the charity Winter Gala I was attending that evening. I can't believe I actually preferred to stay home and sit on my ass watching a low-quality made-for-TV movie over going to a party all about getting dressed up, tasting wine (if you can call drinking more than 6 half-full glasses of wine "tasting") and having a blast bidding on things you don't even really want. But I'm an honest girl, and I'm telling you that that is honestly what I wanted to do.

"See Jane Date" was all about a girl living in New York, of course, in a fabulous apartment, of course, working as an assistant editor for some publishing company, of course, (their jobs are always that glamorous aren't they?), who goes on a zillion dates in the hopes of finding a date to her cousin's wedding (in which she is a bridesmaid). It was absolutely enthralling! I couldn't tear myself away from it! Even though the premise was predictable and the dialogue laughable, I was rooting for Cordelia...oops I mean Jane... the whole way through. This was especially true when she was finally standing up for herself to the crazy bridezilla and mother of the bridezilla because as you may know, I am very sensitive to
the unjust persecution of others courtesy of a power-tripping bride.

I watched "Celeste in the City" on Sunday night as a sort of appetizer leading up to the main course of the evening, the snooze-fest we call the Academy Awards. Anyways, yet again, I was thrown into another New York City career girl story. Though included this time was a gay best-friend/cousin, a fabulous makeover a-la Queer Eye, and the main character falling for, of course, the wrong guy, but finally ending up with the cute next-door neighbor friend in the end. It had all the makings of a perfect way to spend two hours of couch-lounging. Though I must admit, this time I got a little annoyed with how over-the-top the gay best-friend/cousin (played by yet another WB star, Xander from Buffy) and his posse of make-over friends were, and it was painfully obvious that this guy she was falling for at work was a complete and utter tool. Whatever... I don't care. I loved every second of it.

So even though I am incredibly embarrassed to be admitting that I watch ABC family movies to all of internet-land (who am I kidding, no one is reading this anymore), I just must know if there are others out there like me who enjoy a good "You go girl!" cheesy, low-rate romantic comedy once in a while. I recently found a kindred spirit in my friend Angela, but I'm wondering if there are enough of us to start some sort of club or something. We could all get together and wear boas and eat chocolate and popcorn and make ourselves fat laying around for hours upon hours getting in as much bad television as possible. Maybe we could all take a trip to the city together and prance around in cute outfits and do the girl-power, arms out wide, smiling up at the sky, hair blowing in the wind spin like Mary Tyler Moore so memorably did.

Oh, and as a word of caution, if you are flipping channels one night and find yourself upon the ABC Family movie called "She Gets What She Wants", starring Piper Perabo and a whole bunch of no-names, please, for the love of god, keep on flipping. I'm telling you, it's two hours of my life I will never have back. It was devastatingly horrible and I have no idea why I continued to watch it after the first 10 minutes. I must be a glutton for punishment, or maybe I just had to see for myself so that I could make it my mission in life to warn others of it. I don't know, either way, you have been warned.

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