Thursday, November 02, 2006

Donut Run

So I have to say I’m a little depressed today, I’m feeling a little let down. It just doesn’t seem like a Friday (I’m not crazy, I know its Thursday, but tomorrow is our Friday off, so it’s at least supposed to feel like Friday). And the reason? Our donut club has been abolished (that word sounds harsher than it should here, the donut club was terminated completely voluntarily by its members), and essentially I no longer have an excuse to eat a donut once a week. Why is it so much easier to guiltlessly enjoy a chocolate glazed donut when it is bought for you by someone else? I could have very easily picked one up this morning at the convenience store when I was getting my $0.89 coffee, (and believe me, I wanted to), but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I did everything I could to avert my eyes from the evil donut case while adding skim milk and sweet‘n low to my large dark roast.

Argh, I seriously want a donut so bad. Did I mention that I almost broke down and bought one from the cafeteria about an hour ago, but instead scampered off in shame still clutching my dollar bill after lurking about for no less than 60 seconds? Seriously? I am a loser.

In other news, I’m taking the GMAT on Monday and I am absolutely dreading it. I’m so terrified of doing terribly. When did I become so un-sure of myself? I seriously studied for about 15 minutes before taking the ACT in high school, (and only because my parents made me take one of those prep classes and I couldn’t pass notes the WHOLE two hours), and I kicked that test’s ass! I guess the GMAT is a little more important, starting my MBA this January pretty much hinges on it, and it is ridiculously more difficult than any other standardized test I've ever taken. No calculator! What are they trying to do to us? So my mind, at the moment, is a jumble of multiplication tables (quick, what’s 7 times 8?), grammatical rules, and geometrical (is that a real word?) formulas that I have not used since 10th grade. Oh, and I haven’t started studying for the writing portion of the test yet. There are two 30-minute essay portions of the test in which I must either evaluate and criticize an argument or make an argument of my own, offering full support of my stance. It’ll be a blast. I gotta say, though, it’s kind of fun to be doing “school” stuff again, I guess I sort of missed it, weird how that happens. Can someone remind me of that sentiment in 6 months when I’m knee-deep in managerial accounting rules and organizational development theory?

And in other, other news, I am not going to talk about how I started running again this week after almost two months of pure laziness because it will inevitably be the beginning of the end of my exercise motivation. (I swear, though, something clicked when we turned our clocks back for Day-light Savings.) I will just say that it feels awesome.

I still want a donut. Chocolate. With sprinkles.

(Did anyone catch my title's shout-out to the most delicous and hilarious show on television, Veronica Mars? Probably not, because I am a big geek.)

Also, why, when I type this up in Word, and copy into Blogger, does it condense into one the two spaces I have between the end of a sentence and the start of a new. What the hell is that about? I never noticed that until now. That pisses me off.

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