Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good morning?

The good: I'm wearing a ridiculously cute outfit today, if I do say so myself. Peachy-orange, green & black floral dress, black cardigan, black tights, 3 inch black booties. My hair is cooperating. I'm drinking coffee.

The bad: Major static cling issues. I'm not kidding, it is insane. My dress rides up the moment I start walking. I've applied lotion all over my thighs & knees (on top of the tights), which usually works. Nada. I have some static cling spray stuff at work, sprayed that crap all over my self, and still no relief. I even grabbed a few fabric softener sheets as I ran out of the house today, and I've basically rubbed them all over my legs and dress to no avail. This sucks. I don't know what else to do. I would have changed before I left for work when I realized the problem, but I was already running about 10 minutes behind, and stressing about getting out the door. It's so bad, I can't even walk to the printer without walking like a hunchback and tugging at my hem.

Tuesdays suck.

Jason Mraz though on Thursday! Twilight on Friday! I just have to make it through this hell.

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