Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Pictures

Here they are!  Courtesy of the super talented toddler-whisperer that is Jill Berry Photography.  I love how they turned out, though of course there are about a million things about my own appearance that I can't stop critiquing in my head.  I am not going to allow myself to list my insecurities here though, no need to draw attention to them.  Let's just say, I'm relieved that I have the perspective of someone who has been pregnant before and then not pregnant afterwards.  It doesn't last forever, someday I'll look and feel normal again.

I'll be repeating that little mantra throughout the remaining 14+ weeks of my pregnancy.  Ugh.  It does sort of freak me out that I look and feel this pregnant already.  There is just so much time left for me to keep getting bigger and bigger.

I'll shut up.  These pictures are just so great, my boys could not be any more handsome.  I'm just amazed Jill was able to get so many smiling/happy Gus is looking at the camera shots.  Yay!  Sorry for the picture overload, I just had such a hard time choosing my favorites. 





















Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, these are such great pics!! So many great shots, candid and posed...she did a great job. How are you ever going to pick what to print and display??

I know it's easy to critique oneself, but seriously Alicia, you look gorgeous in them all! And you can just feel the love and joy through each picture. Awesome.

A most adorable family for sure.

Freckles said...

These are fabulous! So many nice ones to choose from. I'm wondering which ones will show up on this year's Christmas card!?! Can't wait to see!!
You have such a beautiful family. So much kindness, joy, love, and adorableness, I can't handle it! You are a wonderfully beautiful pregnant lady and you will love looking back at these pictures when BBN is a little toddler sitting on your lap; you'll say, "See, sweet boy --- that's you in mama's belly! Can you believe you were ever that small???" Precious.

val said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous. love, Val

Mama in the City said...

Those are fantastic family photos and a great way to showcase your growing belly! You all look lovely.
Sometimes I still forget that I'm growing a baby and take in a side ways glance in a mirror...and get all thrown off. Yep! The belly continues to grow (and so does my butt).

Erin said...

Ahhhh! So so many cute ones to choose from. Love them all!

Angela said...

These are great pictures, buddy! What a beautiful family.