Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas Ramblings

I am such a dork. I'm at work listening to my two newest CD's (Christmas gifts), Vanessa Carleton's "Harmonium" and Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway", and I am just so ecstatic and sublimely happy about them both. I am a girlie girl through and through; three of my favorite things: chick flicks, chick lit, and chick pop/rock.

My Christmas weekend was highly enjoyable, and incredibly busy. It started off with D. and I both taking off Thursday to get some of our last-minute Christmas shopping done, and to experiment with our oven and cookie cookbook. He was strangely and ridiculously motivated to make Christmas cookies, while I would have been fine making a trip to the grocery store less than 2 miles from our house, but I tried to be a good sport about it! Can you believe he got up at 6:00 on our day off to bake? I love my funny domestic husband. I finally dragged myself out of bed at like 7:30 because I was feeling horribly guilty hearing Mr. busy-bee in the kitchen. However, it took me until 8:00 to actually wake up, I swear I only have a vague recollection of those first 30 minutes crouched on the couch with a bowl of cereal, staring comatose at the blurry television. I really don't like getting up that early when I don't have to.

Anyways, the first candy cane looking cookies that he made turned out great. The other ones were pretty comical. We tried to make these "Chocolate Snowflake" cookies and followed the recipe exactly. You were supposed to take the cooled round chocolate sugar cookies you made and use a self-crafted snowflake stencil and some powdered sugar to make a snowflake on the top. Ok, that book was full of crap because all that happened when the powdered sugar hit the cookie was a big white poofy mess. I decided after about 4 attempts with the snowflake stencil that the authors of our cookbook were playing some sort of mean practical joke on us, so I just made some frosting with the only food coloring we had (red) and frosted the stupid cookies. So we ended up with pink frosted round chocolate sugar cookies. They looked ridiculous, and our kitchen was covered in powdered sugar. So much for our first attempt at holiday baking. My two best friends were there to witness it all and were highly amused, I'm sure, by our antics. Oh, and D. is a severe baking Nazi but I won't get into that. ;)

The rest of our weekend, starting with Thursday night, involved a lot of running around and a lot of family! I feel so lucky to have so many people that want to spend the holiday with us, but I think it's safe to say we were definitely exhausted come Sunday night at 8:00 when we were finally home and officially done with Christmas.

I was reminded this weekend how much I love the game Clue! God, I hadn't played that for AGES! Unfortunately, I could have won the first game but I threw it all away on a really stupid mistake. Man, that pissed me off. Now my brother Ben has bragging rights to winning both games. I'll get him next time though, I have that game down. Speaking of dumb board games, I asked for Guess Who for Christmas and I got it from Santa. I need to break that sh#t out, I love that game! I hate when I draw a girl though. You pretty much automatically lose, there's nothing stopping you from forfeiting immediately, you really have no hope. Unless you believe in Guess Who miracles.

God, this Kelly Clarkson CD is awesome. I adore her. Go out and get it now if you don't already own it. Amazing.

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