Friday, December 10, 2004

Trying to make the day go faster

Ugh. I cannot get that horrible Lindsay Lohan song out of my head... "I'm tired of rumors starting, I'm sick of being followed..." that obnoxious girl is seriously on my list. That song is the biggest piece of drivel I've ever heard, and I need to stop listening to pop radio so that I'm not subjected to any more of her foolishness. I would totally have Hilary Duff's back if those two were ever to duke it out.

Speaking of things I hate... I hate Friday afternoons. Seriously, the minutes feel like hours as I sit here trying my best to distract myself from looking at the clock. When I finally let myself look at it, it's been like 3 minutes. Ridiculous. This day is never ending.

So who else was relieved last night when that Alex girl on the O.C. refrained from sculpting her bangs into a bird on the top of her head. Now if she'd just lay off of the eyeliner, I would be able to watch that show without cringing at the sight of her. I mean I know she's supposed to be all funky and alternative, but I can't handle it. Sad too, because that girl is absolutely gorgeous.

Ooops, I have a meeting in like 2 minutes. Gotta go.

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twenty something said...

I'm SO with you on Alexs hair. She still doesn't look great yet, but she's definitely making improvements :)