Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tales from cubicle land

I'm starting to think that there's nothing else I can do to make this day go any faster. So while I don't feel like I have ANYTHING to write about here, I'm going to write anyways. Be forewarned. What you are about to read will most likely be incredibly dull and pointless.

So my big news yesterday came from the very crabby, unbelievably tiny, man-she who handles all of our office logistics, (or so I've been told, I had never met her before yesterday). She stopped by my office to inform me that my cube area (known as the "pit" by it's present and former inhabitants) will be under renovation beginning the week of February 21st. There were two pieces of good news. My orange carpet, mustard-fabric-covered cube walls, faux desk (picture two of those rectangular cafeteria tables arranged in the shape of an L and adorned with laminate stickers that are supposed to give the illusion of wood grains) and hodge-podge of old file cabinets will be put out with the trash and replaced with brand spanking new grey carpet, grey-fabric-covered cube walls, a grey L-desk (not crafted from cafeteria tables!) and matching grey file cabinets. Now, to an outsider, it all may sound a little too..... well, grey, but it sounds like heaven to me, compared to what I have had to work with for the past year and a half.

The second piece of good news is that during the renovation of my new workspace, I will be residing in my very own 4-walled office! I will tell you that I have been eyeing this office for some time now, during which it has been completely empty. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be in my very own office, with tons of privacy, for one whole month!

But I can't help but think about the possible bout of depression I may go into after my month in a real office is over. At that time, I will be forced to pack up my things (again) and trudge back into the cubicle-dwellers' world of unintentional but unavoidable eavesdropping, knowing (or more specifically, smelling) exactly what everyone around you is eating for lunch, and dealing with, on a daily basis, the fact that you have no door, no privacy, and anyone can just pop in without any warning at any given time.

Sorry, that's definitely enough whining! I need to get over my cubicle hatred. I'm still a newbie, still just at entry level, and there's really no telling how much longer I will be residing in cubicle land! So I'm going to take what I can get and be grateful. Maybe I'll buy a funky wall tapestry or plant or something to liven up the grayness of my new cube! I was very excited for the change, and I can't let the dream of a real office take away that excitement!

***Wow. After reading this entry, I realized that I have a serious problem with comma over-use and run-on sentences. I'll have to work on that so that you all don't get brain aneurysms trying to keep up with my writing, which is quite obviously not at all previously thought out.

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