Monday, January 03, 2005

New Years 2005: Drunken Frat-party?

I'm back after a very nice, long break from thinking. I'm not quite sure I'm up for it though, as this morning was one of the most difficult days to get up in a long long time, and I am still in a trance-like state 5 hours later. I'll try though!

Oh... and Happy New Year! (I know, I'm a little late with this.) Bringing in the 2005 New Year was interesting, to say the least, and the evening ended with me thinking the same thing I thought after my Halloween drunken debacle: aren't we too old for this? Fortunately, it was not my actions I was questioning this time around. The following three events of the evening contributed to my post-partydom woes:

  1. It was not even 11:00 when I heard squeals and witnessed the scampering of girls into the room in which I was so peacefully enjoying a game of Celebrity Taboo. The reason for the squealing and scampering being that our friend Colin had politely chosen the only 5X8 foot portion of carpeted surface area in my brother in-law's home as his personal vomiting area. And there was A LOT of vomit. Two innocent bystanders (other than the cream-colored carpet) were affected by the vomiting incident: the Christmas tree and my friend Betsy's super-cute pink and black peacoat. Poor Colin hid in the dark corner of the office whispering "I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry" (very Rainman) while a quarter of the party pretty much cleared out, and another quarter scrubbed furiously at the red-splattered carpet. The rest of us stared pretty dumb-struck, and ran around opening up doors and windows, and pouring out the remaining contents of whatever we were eating or drinking at the time. (At least I did, I didn't have much of an appetite and pretty much lost interest in drinking at that point.) At 11:49 a few of us realized that 2005 was almost here, and we ran around pouring champagne, because God help us, we weren't going to miss midnight! During the countdown, the sound of hurling could be heard (I believe they coincided with the even numbers) from the Taboo room, which was no longer my sanctuary for obvious reasons. At Midnight, Colin yelled into his bucket-o-vomit "Field Goal!", and then continued to hurl into the new year.
  2. At around 1:00 I was in the kitchen and I heard some scuffling noises and manly groans coming from the living room. What I found when I entered said room is 3 grown men entangled on the floor, one with blood dripping from above his eyelid frantically looking for a towel so as not to stain with blood the already vomit-stained carpet. They were "wrestling". Well, as far as I'm concerned, 25 year old men should not be wrestling inside a very nicely decorated and looked after home. It was absolutely ridiculous. Further more, they were wrestling on the smelly carpet, still wet from the disinfectants used to scrub out the vomit. That's just gross.
  3. At 1:30 the final event occurred, and felt a bit like a sign from God telling us to get out, and get out now. The same bloody wrestler from event number two, drunken and immature per usual, somehow got kicked and landed on his back on the living room coffee table, sending mixed nuts flying through the air, as he proceeded to continue a backwards somersault over the table landing on the wood floor in a fashion which I believe just barely skirted a spinal-cord injury.

So after leaving the crazy New Years party, I found myself wondering how long these kinds of parties will be able to go on, and when we get to start acting like grown-ups. Then I felt a little hypocritical looking back on our own Halloween party, and the drunken idiot the emerged from my seemingly put-together person. Oh well, I guess it's one of those infamous parties that will go down in history. I'm just glad I stopped at 2 beers and one small glass of champagne, and didn't do anything to render myself any of the infamy.

Hope you all had a more "mature" New Years!

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