Monday, November 01, 2004

My ridiculous drunken weekend

So the Halloween party D. and I threw on Saturday went off without a hitch. Unless you consider... me passing out on the floor of our bedroom at midnight, throwing up a little, rolling around in the throw up, being carried to the bed by my inebriated husband, waking up at 5:00 AM to discover that my poor husband had passed out on a pile of my throw-up while trying with all his might to stay awake and watch me sleep to make sure I was ok... a "hitch".

Whew! All of that aside, it was a very successful party, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, and almost everyone showed up decked out in awesome costumes! And, while I was being crazy passing out/sick drunk girl at the end of the night, some very good friends stayed and cleaned up our house so the two of us didn't have to wake up to a complete disaster. Everyone needs friends like these people!

At first I was so perplexed as to how I got so completely drunk, when I didn't seem to be drinking any more than I normally do. However, then I started to do an inventory of what I had eaten that day, and it wasn't much. Thus, I found the culprit. I've always hated when girls claim that they "forget to eat". I thought it was just another way for them to get attention and fish for compliments or sympathy. I never forget to eat, I think about food way to much to forget to eat! But that is seriously what happened. I spent the entire day cleaning house, cooking, and just generally preparing for the party and I really, truly, forgot to eat! It didn't help that D. was off pheasant hunting with the guys (yea I know, wtf, pheasant hunting?! I promise he doesn't normally do that), so he wasn't around to complain about being hungry, or ask me when/what we were going to eat lunch/dinner as he usually does.

Oh well, I shouldn't dwell on it anymore. All I know is just the thought of alcohol makes me want to vomit. I was talking to my friend Liz this morning, who also drank a little too much on Saturday, and she said that she almost threw up again yesterday when she was going through the ads and came upon one for a liquor store. Haha, I thought that was hilarious. I think I need to start acting like a grown-up one of these days. Do married people still get wasted to the point of vomiting? That is so not cool.


Laura said...

haha, thats so hilarious. Not eating and then drinking is the most vomitous feeling ever, I know because thats how i felt all day! It sounds like your party was fun though. How many people can say they have rolled around in their own vomit or slept in a pile of someone elses? hahaha

As far as drinking and being married...hello, you arent 80 yet! I think it sounds like good fun, as long as something else isnt being know, like kids or something.

Cheers :)

twenty something said...

Hey, it sounds like fun to me!!

I don't think any age is too old to have a night like that. Just because you're married doesn't mean that you can't let loose sometimes!

What were you dressed as?

Kristin said...

Awww....sleeping in your puke. That is definitely a sign of true unconditional love (or perhaps drunken nonchalance.)

If anything, it's a good story.

AliRose said...

I agree with you Laura and Dana, I'm definitely not too old to be partying, I just have to work on feeling less guilty about it! Until kids come along, I'm a free woman.

My husband and I went as a gangster and a flapper, it was pretty cute, and we made good use of local thrift store deals. Not quite as original as Mrs. Federline (Dana), which made me laugh out loud in my 70's orange colored cube here at work! I'll have to try to post pictures when I get them. Thanks for the comments ladies!

NWJR said...

"I think I need to start acting like a grown-up one of these days."

Don't bother. Our Halloween party was filled with adult drunks. Me--I'm having a wonderful childhood and I plant to continue having it until I'm too old to swing my cane.