Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Would you like some "whine" with that cheese?

I've talked about my not-so-secret love for chick flicks before, so I found this article absolutely hilarious, and I agreed with every single word of it. Check it out!

Work is sort of driving me crazy this week. I just get so fed up with people that expect you to drop everything when there's something they need, disregarding completely the timetable you're working with. There are these older men that I work with (engineers) that I know don't have the same respect for me as they do my male counterparts, or even the older women in my department. Some days I get the distinct feeling that they think of me as their secretary. We are supposed to be working as a team, them being project managers, me being the financial analyst. Instead, they don't keep me informed until they need something done (that second of course), and they ignore my requests for information that will enable me to do my job more efficiently. I will have all this free time for a couple days, because I can't go any farther with what I'm doing until I receive something from them, and then they finally get it to me at the last minute and I'm scrambling to get it done! They know that my ass is on the line, in addition to theirs, if we go over budget or don't meet our deadlines, but I honestly believe they don't really care!

So I just emailed D. and told him that my mom and I had tentative plans to go see a movie tonight and asked if he would like to come. Of course his response was, "I was hoping to get more done around the house tonight". This is the response I get almost daily to any question on the subject matter of "What do you want to do tonight?". However, this response has a different meaning than you might think. It does not mean, simply, "You go ahead sweetie, have fun, I think I'm going to stay home and work on the house". Oh no no no. It means, "If you do go to the movie, (or for that matter lay on the couch all night, go work out, or go shopping), I will work on the house without you, but I will be in a super ass-hole mood about it because that means I am working and you're having fun". Did any of that make sense? What I'm trying to say, is that I absolutely hate how he makes me feel guilty about not wanting to clean, work on home-improvement stuff, or just in general do something constructive all the time. I thought I was getting away from the guilt-tripping when I moved out of my parents house!

This man I have married happens to be one of the most motivated, practical, and hard-working men I've ever met. These are all traits that I love about him, but they're also the reasons why some days I find myself wanting to scream at the top of my lungs and run for the hills! I am so the opposite of him, somewhat selfish, very un-practical (especially when it involves money and clothing), and often times a bit lazy. I guess you could say we balance each other out quite nicely, that whole "opposites attract" theory at work. And, I would be lying to myself if I thought he didn't, on occasion, get just as frustrated with me as I do with him. Oh the joy of day-to-day marital life. I have to admit, it takes some getting used to! It's been 6 months and we definitely haven't worked through all the kinks. Who am I kidding, I don't think you ever work through all the kinks! I suppose they're just what makes all the wonderful things about sharing your life with someone that much more wonderful. ;)


Pink Stiletto said...

Hmm. Doesn't D. realize that while you're at the chick-flick with your mom, he could be blasting some crappy guy-music, drinking beer, and getting very little done around the house... having his own fun? Most guys would relish this opportunity.

twenty something said...

My guess is that you'll find an element like this in everyone's relationships. Put two people together: opposite or not, and it'll come up :)