Monday, November 08, 2004

It can't be Monday already!

I'm really having a hard time this morning getting over the fact that my weekend is already over. How on earth does that happen so quickly!

Well, it was a nice weekend, very lazy and relaxing, which I love! After surviving the last 7 months which I like to call "Wedding-Overload 2004", I absolutely cherish these weekends of doing nothing. FYI - the official definition of "Wedding-Overload 2004" is the following:

The period of 7 months from April, 2004 to October, 2004 in which participants enjoy attending a total of 8 weddings. Male participants specifically will attend 4 weekend-long bachelor parties and 1 drunken night of bachelor party-debauchery in downtown Minneapolis. Female participants will enjoy 5 bachelorette parties and countless bridal showers in this 7-month time span. In total, these activities add up to 18 weekends almost entirely dedicated to wedding-related events, and literally, THOUSANDS of dollars spent on wedding/bachelor(ette)/shower gifts, alcohol, hotel rooms, new dresses (admittedly, not necessary), and tux rentals.

I don't have the right to complain too heartily, as my wedding was a part of "Wedding-Overload 2004", but suffice it to say, I'm pretty sick of it all. So far my next wedding, for a dear friend of mine, will not be until July. That means I have less than 8 months to get over my wedding-crankiness.

Anyways, that was quite the tangent I just went on, and definitely not the point of all this. The point I was trying to make, is that I had a wonderful weekend, completely devoid of any wedding activities! On Friday night I saw Friday Night Lights with my mom and D. (My dad was gone hunting for the weekend, and since my mom has no transportation, I try to be a good daughter once in a while.) Since it usually takes ridiculous amounts of groveling on my part to convince D. to go see a movie, I let him make the decision on the movie selection (I got one veto with Team America: World Police, and while I do want to see that movie, I know my mom would have been very unhappy and confused had we gone to see it). It was not a bad movie at all, but would probably qualify as a "renter" in my book. (Not that I have a book, where does that expression even come from... "in my book"? It seems pretty stupid now that I think about it.) I LOVE seeing movies, I love the smell of the popcorn when you walk in that door for the first time, I love the trailers (the best part actually), and I just love sitting in silence and darkness for an entire 2 hours. My most favorite kind of movie to go see???? Yup, romantic comedies, even the horrible ones. I love them. Getting back to this weekend though, I will say that I fought hard for Alfie, but ended up with Friday Night Lights. You take what you can get ;)

I went antiquing with the girls (and my mom) on Saturday and had a wonderful time. This is my favorite new pastime, even though it makes me feel like a middle-aged themed-sweater-wearing mom. If I ever dare leave the house wearing a sweater with a Christmas tree on it, or worse, a Halloween jack-o-lantern sweatshirt over a turtle-neck with little ghosts on the collar, I encourage all witnesses to this fashion travesty to give me a swift kick in the head, which will hopefully jolt me out of whatever possessed trance I must be in.

Moving on... watched "Super Size Me" on Saturday night with some friends. I'm not sure when I'll be able to eat McDonald's again, and even more specifically, my beloved Chicken McNuggets. However, while the movie was disturbing, I just can't imagine my life without fast-food! I try not to eat it too often, but when I do allow myself to splurge, it is soooo incredibly enjoyable. But man, 3 times a day, of course he got sick! Check it out if you get a chance, it was really interesting.

Sunday we finally spent some time trying to finish up the room we were painting upstairs. Just one more coat on the doors and we're done! I'm so excited for my "lovely lavender" guest-bedroom. It's turned out so beautiful, and I just love the wainscoting in there.

Well, to a stranger, my weekend may sound pretty boring, but I think these were 3 of my favorite days in a long time, so I guess I don't care what other people think! Now it's back to the cubicle, fluorescent lights, and a long to-do list which I am doing a good job of putting off. I love procrastinating.


Pink Stiletto said...

Girl, I totally have EXACTLY the same wedding story as you. Actually, I had 9 last year and only 5 this year. 7 the year before the 9.

It's Wedding Decade Overload. I'm ready to be done. Except mine, naturally, which I plan to smother my married friends with. You know. Payback. Heh.

AliRose said...

Yea, I'm new to this life of weddings every other weekend. I guess this summer was just the first wave of my friends getting married, plenty more to come I'm sure!

twenty something said...

I haven't started going to too many weddings yet. Maybe that's because I live in CA, and the majority of my girlfriends are waiting as long as they can before getting hitched (that is, except Britney of course :) )

I love antiquing too.

Anonymous said...

I have a huge desire to see a movie now. We'll definately have to plan a movie outing one day soon. I need some popcorn after reading this!! I don't know about Alfie though, sounds kinda wierd. I really want to see National Treasure (shocking right??) ~A