Thursday, November 04, 2004

My lazy plans for the evening

This is what I hope to do tonight (in chronological order):
  1. Change out of the restricting button-down shirt I'm wearing into my most favorite, cozy, huge U of M sweatshirt (stolen from the most snuggly and sweetest smelling boy ever).
  2. Head on down the street to the Canton Garden for some carry-out Szechuan Chicken and fried rice. (Mmmmmm.... yummmm)
  3. Enjoy the crisp fall air on my walk home and listen to the crunching of the leaves underneath my shoes as I walk.
  4. Dine on our carry-out dinner by the light of only candles and the television on our super cozy chenille couch that cradles you like you're a tiny infant.
  5. Enjoy my most anticipated night of telelvision, starting at 7:00 with the premiere of the O.C. and moving on to The Apprentice at 8:00, still stationed on that glorious couch and wrapped in my favorite blanket.
  6. Make myself a big mug of green tea (adding one package of sweet 'n low).
  7. Take a warm bath, soaking in the silky soft vanilla scented bathwater with my green tea and the new Cosmo.
  8. Snuggle up with my favorite person in bed adorned with our freshly washed sheets and quilt. The "Clean Breeze" scented Tide is absolute heaven; this is a new revelation for me and I feel I should tell everyone I know.

Ahhhh.... Dreaming of all this is actually helping me make it through my day at work. Let's hope D. doesn't have different plans for the evening. Anything involving shopping, painting, or cooking is off-limits.


twenty something said...

Aaahhh, sounds nice.

I had a similar evening (in the TV arena at least). So, what'd you think?

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly!!!! I wish I could do the same. I don´t even have a couch, let alone a cozy chenille one, to curl up on and watch TV, so you could say I´m quite jealous! I have to settle for a bed with a mattress so old that there are butt imprints from sitting in the same spot every night! I don´t even think they have chenille couches down here in Latin America... -L

Laura said...

Well all of that just sounds fabulous, and I guess if I wanted to, I could do almost all of that as well with one nice young man to share it with.

Well thats all the motivation I need to start drinking. Have a great weekend!