Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I have no will power

I decided yesterday to give up Diet Coke, and to focus on getting the recommended intake of 64 ounces of water every day. My husband did this months ago when he realized he was averaging about five of them a day, and since then he has slimmed down considerably (his weight loss cannot be completely contributed to giving up pop and drinking more water, as he’s also been making an effort to eat better and exercise more often, but I think it has definitely been a factor). Now its 11:30 on Tuesday morning, day 2 of my little adventure, and I am about two seconds away from falling asleep at my desk. The exhaustion is over-coming my entire body, my eyelids are heavy and each of my limbs feels weak.

So I decided this cold turkey thing is not going to work, otherwise I will have to just start drinking a ton of coffee. Instead, I’ve decided I will LIMIT my Diet Coke intake, and still focus on the water thing.

Mmmmm… I just took a walk down to the vending machines and this mother tastes so good. What was I thinking? It’s just too tasty, not to mention the fact that my mood and motor skills have visibly improved in the last 15 minutes.

Plus, I just realized another thing that didn’t cross my mind when I made the hasty decision to give up pop all together… that would have had to include one of my favorite-est alcoholic beverages, Captain and Diet Coke! I was obviously not in a sane state of mind yesterday; I attribute it to the fact that it was Monday. I always feel fat and yucky on Mondays, and make ridiculous unattainable goals as a result.

I think I’ll just stick to giving up cigarettes, and since I don’t smoke, it’s a pretty easy feat, and I can still feel good about myself for being so healthy!

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